Trader Joe’s Ex-President Now Selling Expired Food

Trader Joe’s Ex-president Now Selling Expired Food

Have you ever thought what happens to the food when it gets expired? What are the drawbacks of mentioning expiry dates on the products? Do expiry dates really mean they are expired? Well friends! This is a serious issue when it comes to labeling expiry dates to the products. America is the most food consuming country and 90% of the food in America is wasted and 40% wastage is due to the expiry dates. Americans are very concerned about what they buy and the quality they are buying. The “sell by” and “use by” dates confuse Americans the most and as soon as the date crosses the mentioned date, Americans dispose of the product. As a result, most of the food gets wasted and the grocery stores eventually throw these things.

Trader Joe’s Ex-president Now Selling Expired Food

This issue grabbed the attention of former President Supermarket chain- Doug Rauch– who eventually found the solution for the problem by introducing a concept of selling expired products at discounted prices. The project is named The Daily Table and would be functional next year in Dorchester neighborhood.

The logic behind this project is simple. The researches state that the expiry dates mentioned on the products do not mean that the food is inedible or the product is unusable, rather it means that the food and the product is not at its peak freshness. For example, the chips or the tortillas do not remain crispy not inedible. They can be used or kept for later use by baking them or heating them in the microwave oven; this makes them crispy again. Therefore maximum products are not dangerous once they cross the expiry date.

Well friends! If you are thinking that working on such a project is not possible and this project cannot be approved by the authorities, then you are mistaken. The concept of reusing expired products might seem new to you, but for years and years the strategy of reusing the expired products is used by the food banks in every country. Food banks all over the globe strive to reuse the products as long as they are not dangerous for the human health. Although this is not announced publicly every time food banks do this, but the strategy is not at all new and going for an expired food store is not a rising issue in my opinion.

In my opinion, this idea is a social challenge and depends on how people respond to such a project. If the project goes successful, then the trend would no doubt be adopted and everyone would get used to it. In a positive perspective, this is a long term solution for the food wastage problem, and “if not catered now”; there would be no food available- whether unexpired or expired- in the coming years. So overall, it is a good start towards saving food sources and helping the mankind in saving these food sources for the difficult times ahead- which I wish we witness NEVER EVER!

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