Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013-2014

Our planet earth, hosts a good numbers of countries. Due to industrialization and modernization, some of them are highly prosperous, developed and rich, whereas others are highly poor. Poor countries are even deprived of basic necessities of life like food, clothing and home.

Here below we have list of Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2013-2014 .


10: Togo

Togo - Poorest Countries in the World

Its budgetary issues stem from an insecure political framework and civil wars encroached on it by neighboring nations. These might be regarded as the leading factors behind the poverty of this country.


09: Malawi

This nation is acknowledged to have poorest developmental records. A poor correspondence framework is thought to be one of the purposes behind the poor economy of Malawi.


08: Sierra Leane

Sierra Leane is an African country; more specifically West African. The official language however is English. Although it has gold and diamond industry but unemployment in the country is high. Almost 50 % of population does not have access to hygienic drinking water.  Very nearly 50 % of populace does not have admittance to hygienic drinking water.  Despite this characteristic fortune, 70% of its individuals live in neediness. Provided that you have seen the motion picture Blood Diamond you may as well realize that it is dependent upon Sierra Leone.


07: Eritrea

Poorest Countries in the World

This nation is dependent on farming. 80% of the nation is included in animals and cultivating and bring home the bacon through this calling. It is experiencing major rebuilding in numerous zones, for example training.


06: Central African Republic

Despite the fact that the economy of this nation is dependent upon agribusiness, poor administration and deceptive implies that are dependent on outside imports, the health facilities are poor.  Even with the richness in mineral resources like diamond, oil, uranium, hydropower, arable land and lumber, it is still ranked in the poorest countries list. The conditions are pretty worse where 62% of the people are living by earning $1 per day that must be reduced to at least half the percentage by 2015.


05: Burundi


Burundi is known for its tribal and common wars. It is an area bolted nation, which does not help its economy. 1 in 15 individuals here experience the ill effects of AIDS or HIV and a large portion of the youngsters are malnourished. A feeble lawful framework, awful budgetary administration, defilement and civil war, all help its position. 80% of the inhabitants are living a life of poverty. The consensus of World Food Program states that 57% children in Burundi below 5 years undergo chronic diseases.


04: Niger

The official dialect of Niger is French. Its sweet landscape and finish absence of framework does not help this nation’s position. Primary explanation behind its neediness is its political flimsiness. Separation of genders makes this an especially hard put for ladies to live.


03: Liberia

It is one of the few nations in Africa that have not been colonized by Europe. The unemployment rate here mirrors that the destitution level is 85%. Monetary bungle at long last emitted to common war in 1989; a war that has left the nation inadequate in both schools and health offices. As a result the economic infrastructure destructed.


02: Zimbawe

Zimbabwe comes second in the poorest nation’s record. Future of Zimbabwe is most minimal on the planet -37 years for men and only 34 years for ladies.  One of the issues for promptly passing is that 20.1% of the populace is experiencing HIV and AIDS. Also the health issues aren’t seeing any changes. Despite the fact that it too has been assaulted by the wars, defilement in this nation is the most amazing foe. It does hold common assets yet in light of the fact that the defilement is so high; no remote mogul will fund the withdrawal.


01: Congo

Congo the poorest country in the world

Congo is currently acknowledged to be the poorest nation on the planet desolated by wars and debasement after World War 2. Once in the past regarded as Zaire, it gets practically no guest.

The official dialect of this nation is French. The number of inhabitants in Congo is bigger than France populace. Moreover, the social and militant conflicts can also be traced back to the poverty situations.

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