Top 10 Most Populated Countries in the World

Have you ever imagined how huge this world is? Our Earth which we have always imagined as a spherical planet is spacious- occupying a huge number of people. People are not evenly divided in the 220 existing countries. And if you think that countries with larger area would have larger population, then this is certainly absurd. There exist countries with an overflowing population. Some of these countries, like China, use their population as a force in a constructive way; playing a helping role in the development industry and others vice versa. Let us have a look on the list of top 10 most populated countries in the world. Enjoy the figures.


Top 10 Most Populated Countries in the World


10. Japan

 Japan 10 most populated country in 2013

Population: 127,270,000

Japan is located in East of Asia and is actually an island. Tokyo, which is also the capital of Japan, is the highly populated city of the country and the whole world. The major population is that of Japanese while Chinese also live here of 0.5 ratio. Japan, as we all know, is an advanced and developed country. The big community is actually hard working who started their country development from trash (after Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and created it as a sky scrapper.


9. Russia

 Russia 9th most populated country

Population: 143,500,000

By area, this country is largest amongst the all but by population it is ranked at the ninth place. The number of time zones in the country is more than 11. Russia’s land is present in two continents (Europe and Asia). Interesting…!! Russia was once called a Soviet Union. It broke down two different states in 1991. Still it is one of the highly developed countries.


8. Bangladesh

 Bangladesh 8th most populated country

Population: 152,518,015

Bangladesh, which was once a part of Pakistan, is now an independent country located in Asia. It is an underdeveloped state but the masses are working really hard capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. And major population is that of Bengali’s. Bangladesh is not large enough by area, but 152 million of population has squeezed inside this country which is amazing.


7. Nigeria

 Nigeria 7th most populated country

Population: 173,615,000

Nigeria has got total of 36 states and is located in Africa (precisely in West Africa). The capital is Abuja but the largest city of Nigeria is Lagos. Nigeria is famous for having a rock known as Zuma Rock, which is a big tourists’ attraction. Almost 500 ethnic groups live in Nigeria. Nigeria is named as “the Giant of Africa” due to its population.


6. Pakistan

 Pakistan 6th most populated country in the world

Population: 184,406,000

Pakistan is again a small country by area. But the increasing population has forces Pakistan to make itself through the list of top ten most populated countries. The most constructive fact of this country is that 75% of masses of Pakistan are young, and this ratio can hardly be found in any other country. Pakistanis quoted as Young Nation are working day and night to bring their country from the category of under developed to the developed ones. Pakistan is regarded as a friendly country in the world. Pakistan is a big tourist attraction and has got stunning natural beauty in her northern areas.


5. Brazil

 Brazil 5th most populated country

Population: 201,032,714

Football lovers have got great affiliation with this country. Brazil has produced legendary footballers in the past few years that have made their way of winning the most World Cups. This country is located in South America. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. Sao Paulo is the largest city of Brazil. It is also the largest country, geographically, in South America. The tourism sector of Brazil is growing by leaps and bounds. If you need sound vacations, try Brazil and make tour.


4. Indonesia

 Indonesia is the 4th popoulated country in the world

Population: 237,641,326

Indonesia is a beautiful place where lives beautiful Indonesians. But the collective effort of around 237 million people, Indonesia has managed to emerge as a growing country with respect to economy. In South East of Asia lies this country. Indonesia is no doubt a worth travelling country. Jakarta, which is the capital city, has got a real beauty.


3. United States

 United States - 3rd most populated country

Population: 316,783,000

The super power, US, which is one of the most developed countries, has got a collection of huge number of people. The largest city of US is New York City with a total population of nearly 19 million. US, is no doubt leaning forward in technology very fast. America is termed as a “Cultural Hub”, as we can find people of variety of religions and nations, living in this area. The reason behind this much population is that full human rights are being protected in US.


2. India

 India 2nd most populated country in the world

Population: 1,234,640,000

India is located in South Asia. It is the second country in the world whose population is crossing a figure of billion. Experts report that by the year 2050, India would be ranked as number one country regarding population as per increasing ratio. New Delhi is the capital and Mumbai has got 20 million people. India is an underdeveloped country. Indians are working hard to cope with the latest technology. The country is politically unstable but the masses are trying to bring revolution.


1. China

 China - The worlds most populated country

Population: 1,360,270,000

The thickly populated country, China, makes the 19.1% of the world’s population. Beijing is the capital city and Shanghai is the most populated city. China is an emerging super power of the world and no country can beat Chinese in technology.

China has got a really hardworking and a disciplined nation. All the people play their roles well in the development of the country. China has got a friendly image all over spreading the message of peace. The economy and marketing of China is best, proven from the fact that you will find Chinese products no matter in which corner of the world you go.

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