Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2015

Music is the new passion for every youngster out there, we see music literally everywhere and Hollywood music industry has always flourished by giving us the best singers of the world one after the other. We have seen some extraordinary legends in the past like Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Britney spears and many more that have revolutionized the music industry and has given people a new direction and sense of Music. With ever changing time, trends change and along with them choices as well. Every year on the top chart, we have different faces, different voices, each one of them making something outstanding and grabbing the position deservingly for them. So if you are about to change your music library and want to know something new, then here is the list of top 10 most popular male singers in 2015. This might help you catch the newest beats in town!


10. David Guetta

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 -

Pierre David Guetta, better known as David Guetta is one of the most famous French DJ. Guetta has been the sensation of many young DJs because of the way people follow him. He is the Co-founder of the band Gum Productions and later on he released his first album in 2002 named Just a little more Love. Apart from the Dj-ing, Guetta got this popularity due to his blockbuster album One Love in 2009. This Album included singles when love takes over, Gettin’ over you and sexy bitch. These were ranked #1 in the United Kingdom. Then in his second album, songs like Titanium, little bad girl, turn me on made David Guetta as the #1 DJ in DJ mag fan poll. Guetta has sold over 9 million albums along with 20 million singles around the world.


9. Pitbull

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 - Pitbull

Armando Christian Perez, who we know as Pitbull is an American rapper belonging to Cuba originally. He has given many hit shots recently as well in the start of his career. Among those are I know you want me and give me everything tonight are the biggest hits. His albums the Kings of Crunk, M.I.A.M.I, the boatlift and the Rebulition have been such successful albums one after the other. Recently he was given the contract by FIFA for the song we are one (ole ola) which later became the official song of FIFA world cup 2014.


8. Kanye West

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 - Kanye West

Kanye Omari West, well known as Kanye West is a famous rapper, singer, songwriter and fashion designer from America. He has been into rapping stuff since his childhood and has produced for Rock-a-fella records and then he did some singles with well-known singers like Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Ludacris. West is known as one of the artist who is best-selling in his age. He has sold 21 million albums and 100 million digital records.


7. Lil Wayne

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 -  Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known by his stage name as Lil Wayne is an American rapper. Lil Wayne has been a part of the music era since he was nine when he joined Cash Money Records. Then he performed with Hot Boys with his other mates from the original record. The group gained much popularity with the album Guerilla-Warfare and his single album later on as Bling Bling. Then his Albums The Carter, Carter II, Carter III and then Carter IV made him among the most followed people on social media as well as in music terms and there is a much enthusiasm for his upcoming Carter V.


6. Harry Styles

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 - Harry Styles

Harry Edward Styles, better known as Harry styles is from the world famous band One Direction. He is an English singer and song-writer and used to perform in a local band named white Eskimo. Styles auditioned in British Television Series The X Factor but was rejected. Then these four boys formed a band and one the title in the same show, which came out to be One Direction. This band performed all over the world releasing four successful awards and winning two BRIT awards and four MTV music video awards.


5. Chris Brown

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 - Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American recording artist, dancer and actor. He, very early in his life turned his career towards dancing and singing and was signed by the Jive Records and released his first album peaking at Billboard top 200. Then he released his single Run it! getting a top position in Billboard top 100. Later on his albums and singles moreover his acting in many series led to seizing a top position in the most popular male singers in 2015.


4. Eminem

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 -  Eminem

What we all know as Eminem is originally Marshal Bruce Mathers III. He is a rapper and a song writer and has been ranked among the top 100 greatest artist of all time and he was called as The King of Hip Hop. More than 155 million albums and singles have been sold of Eminem making him the sixth largest selling artist ever. His world-wide successful albums along with his debut the Infinite, the Marshal Mather’s LP, the Eminem show, Encore, Relapse and Recovery made him to win 15 Grammy Awards which is the highest Grammy award winning record.


3. Bruno Mars

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 -  Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez, known as Bruno Mars is an American singer, songwriter, voice actor and choreographer. Mars has been raised by a family of musicians. His first album Doo-wops and Hooligans gave some successful outstanding songs like Just the way you are and Grenade. Both these songs topped the chart. The number fifth song was The lazy song. Another album came out to be a big success as well, including the songs as When I was your Man and Treasure.


2. Justin Timberlake

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015 - Justin Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake famous as just Justin Timberlake has been a part of this industry since childhood. He used to be presented in TV shows we he was a child, later on as he grew up; his singing talents stunned the world as he became the part of the boy band NSYNC as the youngest lead singer. This band became the highest selling boy band ever. Then Justin released his single album justified and love sounds in 2002 and 2006 respectively. With these ultra-Hit albums, he gained position in Billboard 200 and billboard hot 100. Along with singing Justin has a very decent acting career, featuring in many movies as a lead role. Well now suit and tie and mirror are right now his biggest hits.


1. Justin Bieber

Most Popular Male Singers In 2015  - Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is our famous Justin Bieber who is certainly a heartthrob of millions of teen age girls because of the hits he has given to the world. Being only 21, Bieber started to get fame at a very early age when he was discovered by his famous You-tube video. His debut album EP, My world was ranked among the billboard top 100.

Then another album My World 2.0 was successful. Single released by Bieber named Baby is the most famous song ever. Then another song Never Say Never was among the top charts. He is the most famous person in his age and has the maximum followers on twitter among all the musicians.

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