Top 10 Most Popular Brands In America 2015 – 16

America is known as one of the most developed countries in the world (without offending the contemporaries). Industrial advances in America have been remarkable for quite a long time now. All this has lead to various brands invading the whole country due to the quality and supremacy in terms of technology and market grabbing techniques. This upper hand expands over wide variety of items such as food, clothing and most importantly technology including both software and hardware.

A known yet ignored fact of the world is that quality and quantity are not the only contenders when it comes to market invasion: Branding is something that plays a vital role. A very common example is that whenever we want a black soft drink, instead of calling it simply cola we call it coke. American companies have used all these techniques to emerge as market leaders. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Most Popular Brands In America 2015 – 16.


10. Amazon

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - is the largest internet based retailer. Everyone who internets and has ever searched for buying and selling knows about This e-commerce company has been providing its service for past two decades. Recent buzz was that Amazon has been facing certain financial issues causing it to back away from future investment but it has denied all such allegations.


9. Facebook

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - Facebook

All hail the social god..!! If you are not on Facebook you are not a living being on this planet for most of people. Now even dead people have Facebook accounts run by their spirits (not exactly, usually by their relatives). Facebook created a buzz that just never settled. It kept on buying other companies to larger its span. Recently Facebook completed its venture of creating solar powered drone to provide internet services to remote areas. This project has been called ‘Aquila’.


8. Nike

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - Nike

Nike is an absolute market leader when it comes to sportswear. It produces apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment for sports. Many renowned athletes choose Nike because of its quality and status.


7. Walmart


Walmart says Save Money, Live Better. They sure live up to their claim. If for some super natural reason you are unaware of Walmart, then it is a retail corporation and operates many stores and warehouse stores. Walmart is a multinational company but it still has to enter many countries. Walmart operates in genres such as apparel, footwear, discount store, hypermarket, and supermarket and e commerce.


6. McDonald’s

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the first word that comes to mind when we think about fast food. There are so many outlets of this food chain that probably every address can have an extension ‘near McDonald’s’. The reason that McDonald’s is such a vogue is because of the fact that it has introduced new and innovative classes of food. They are a cheaper and easier solution in the fast life of America. It also provides jobs to much youth. You wouldn’t believe but a lot of actors and successful people worked for McDonald’s for some time.


5. IBM

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - IBM

IBM stands for International Business Machine Corporation. It has been operational since 1911. The company basically started as computer recording company. IBM is for business oriented people. Although in some distant past, IBM made to common man but soon it was realized that it is only useful for businesses. IBM is known to have affected the world of science by its numerous labs all around the world, working for scientific enhancements.


4. Coca Cola

Best Brands In America 2015 - 2016 - COCA COLA

Coca Cola is known to be a marketing genius. Apart from the quality of the product, Coca Cola has to thank its marketing department for such expanded popularity. The small initiatives like vending machine that gives out cola with the cooperation of two people, the advertisements pointing to the importance of sitting together and enjoying and basic idea of fun as family is something that attributes to Coca Cola. This company is a worldwide leader in beverages despite numerous claims of health threats.


3. Google

Most Popular Brands In America 2015 - 16

Most of you must have landed here by the virtue of Google, need I say anymore about its popularity? Googling is a term now. Like a zombie apocalypse, people have been wondering what happens if Google disappears and we cannot Google what happened to Google. Well such a paradox is very less likely to happen and let us rely on Google that it will always be there to rescue. Apart from the regular Gmail, Google maps and many such things, an extremely innovative and hi-tech product of Google is Google Glass. The newest version of Google Glass has been designed specifically for workplaces such as hospitals.


2. Microsoft


For quite a long time, Microsoft has been the undefeated champion in the world of computer operating software. And it won’t be a wild guess to say that this situation will persist in future. Microsoft has many products under its umbrella including Windows, Skype, Visual Studio, Microsoft, Xbox and many more. Though windows based smart phones couldn’t make big and the arena remains occupied by Samsung and iPhone, Microsoft still has many accolades to distinguish it and make it land on our list of  BEST BRANDS IN AMERICA. Recently Microsoft launched Windows 10 with high expectations and is working for its own compatible hardware using the economic growth provided by Windows


1. Apple


The epitome of quality and a story that speaks of success and class is what is all about. Despite being different, despite the issue of Bluetooth Apple phones (iPhones) and laptops (macbooks) are quite in demand. Apple has gone out to make a separate class of its users and in modern days instead of mass marketing, this strategy has proven more effective. The success story of this American company hasn’t been smooth. It has seen many ups and downs but came out profitable at the other end. The headquarters of are in California.

The products of range from Computer hardware, software to electronics. Apple watch created quite a buzz in the near past. Apple is about to launch its next installment in smart phones i.e. iPhone 6S. Some photos have been leaked and news of reduced size of bezel seems to be untrue. Apple has also been named as the most valuable brand by Forbes.

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