Top 10 Most Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Smoking is harmful. It is injurious to health. It causes health dangers. You must have been listening to all these statements on and off. But it is a fact that one, who smokes, never takes these statements seriously. Even if there is a bang all the time near them that “Smoking is FATAL”, they would not pay any attention to this. But we all know that smoking is one of the fatal and most dangerous habits existing on this planet. So to spread a general awareness among the masses, here we have summed up Top 10 Most Harmful Effects Of Smoking . All the smokers read them and get rid of this smoky life.


10) Effects On Passive Smokers

Effects on Passive smokers

Passive smoking is second hand smoking. It means that a person himself is not smoking rather inhaling the smoke of anyone sitting nearby and smoking (active smoker). Now studies have shown that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. Passive smokers can face all the similar diseases as the active smokers do. To get rid of the difficulties, you do not deserve, spread awareness among active smokers and save your lives.


9) Skin Problems

Skin problems

All the smokers out there! Get ready for some skin diseases and skin allergies. And also, get ready to look older than your non-smoker mates. Smoking causes shrinkage of skin producing wrinkles. This is due to the damage to integument all because of smokes and cigars.  Wants to look younger for a longer time? Then QUIT smoking.


8) Effect On The Senses

Effect on the senses

You would be amazed to know that smoking affects the five senses. Most of the smokers are unaware of this fact but this is TRUE. Smoking causes a decrease in the senses of smelling and tasting. It causes cataracts and color blindness. It can also cause blindness even due to macular degeneration. Smoking causes difficulty in learning as well. It causes different ear infections hence causing hearing problems.


7) Effect Of Smoking On Children

Effect of smoking on children

Individuals under the age of 18 experience asthma, various infections of ears, mouth and a lot more problems at a very early age. For children who start smoking at a very small age can face infant death syndrome. What would be the future of a nation if its children start smoking? A complete destruction…!!!


6) Effect Of Smoking On Men

Effect of smoking on men

Men face a lot of problems in their lives just because of smoking. Cigarettes cause a decrease in testosterones which causes infertility. It also causes impotence. All of this not only devastates the men’s own lives, but the lives of the next generation as well.


5) Effect Of Smoking On Women

Effect of smoking on women

Women smokers, beware of the causes. Smoking causes a lot of internal problems including early menopause. Pregnant smokers could face premature births, low birth weight, and abortions of their adorable babies. The children of smoker mothers are not healthy and can become handicapped. No one has a right to provide damage to any other person. So this smoking is actually illegal especially by pregnant women. Some weaknesses to bones also occur to women causing osteoporosis and other diseases.


4) Lung Diseases

Lung diseases

List of the lung diseases by the cigarette’s smoke is not a smaller one. Bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and a number of such illnesses are caused because of smoking. Tar, a major component in tobacco, is extremely harmful for lungs. Lungs purify the breathing air. And these lungs when coated by tar make the impure air to enter the body causing not only breathing issues but a lot of other damages to the body parts. A person who smokes 20 cigars a day actually inhales 210 grams of tar inside his body yearly. And mind it! Switching to low tar cigars is not a relief at all. Low tar cigars are no less than a joke. Moreover, taking deep puffs and holding smoke for longer makes the way of tar easier to the lungs.


3) Heart Diseases

Heart diseases

Smoking damages the heart producing deadly diseases like heart attack, peripheral vessel disease, brain stroke, aorta’s aneurysm, and the list goes forth. Heart attacks occur due to the deposits of fats on blood vessels making them narrow and causing blockage. One out of every five smokers experiences heart attacks. And three of four heart diseased youngster smokers die every year. Mixture of carbon monoxide and nicotine increases blood pressure, stressing the blood vessels which slow down the blood flow. This act cuts off the oxygen supply to the hands and feet. This ends up in limbs amputation. Living a disabled life is the worst form.


2) Causes Cancer

smoking Causes cancer

Now we all know cancer is increasing day by day all around us. And smoking has delivered a lot in its increment. The smoke of cigarette contains almost 4000 total components with around 40 cancer causing components (carcinogens). The most common carcinogens are carbon monoxide, cyanide, nicotine, formaldehyde, arsenic. Lung cancer, which has now become very common, is because of the tar present in tobacco. Smokers suffering from lung cancer are at risk of dying, ten times more than the non-smoker sufferers. Other cancers caused by cigarettes include cancer of throat, oral cavity, food tube, voice box, pancreas, bladder, kidney, blood cancer etc. Benzene causes blood cancer which is the deadliest form of cancer.


1) Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

The biggest fact of smoking of which everyone is aware is: “Smoking is the cause of death of thousands and thousands of people every year”. Of all the lifetime smokers, half of them die due to this fatal habit. And of all the deaths, half of them occur at middle age. This is seriously ALARMING. If you are one of the smokers, you have an equal risk of dying. Nobody would love to die this early without enjoying the beauty of this gorgeous life granted as a gift by God to you. According to a research, by quitting smoking at the moment, the graph of deaths would reduce to half in the next fifteen years. Play your part in getting these death ratios down and quit smoking. A request to all the smokers…!!

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