Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World 2015

Today most of the area of the world is in a state of war. Each region defines its war on its own terms, for example, some call it war against terror and others call it rebellious movement in the name of democracy. There are riots moving out for their purpose, bombings and shelling by the security forces to put down these movements leading to a massive chaos in a country. On the other hand, some countries are going through the danger zone not because of the war rather Crime rate is their worst enemy including street crimes, rapping, kidnapping cases, thefts and much more, this hinders tourism on a great level. So if you are thinking to move out and travel the world then wait for a minute and look at this list of top 10 most dangerous countries in the world 2015. You might want to change your travelling schedule after this.


10. Egypt

Egypt is the country of middle –east, quite famous for its tourism in the past times but now the picture is a bit changed. In the recent past, there had been many rebellious movements in the region causing a great upset in the area. It has been ranked 10th on the basis of the number of people dying in these rebellious movement and threats of terrorism in the country. So Nowadays Egypt is not considered to be as safe for travelling as it was in the past era.


9. Mexico

Mexico is a country in the continent of America, sharing its borders with United States of America. Country had been a great tourism spot but one enemy of their tourism industry is Drug trafficking. It has been laid down that drug trafficking is now a massive mafia in Mexico spreading its roots it United States of America, for obvious reasons. Moreover, there have been cases of kidnapping, pick pocketing, and robbery and rape incidents. Country has been trying really hard to overcome the current situation but right now the country is not that of an ideal place to have a happy holiday.


8. Pakistan

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Pakistan is the country of South East Asia, bordering with India, Afghanistan, China and Iran. There has been a war on terror in this region since long after the incident of 9/11 and possible presence of Usama Bin Laden (former leader of Al-Qaida). Then the turn was taken by Tehreek e Taliban. So the army is doing an operation against such terrorists. Moreover the region is the sixth most populous country in the world, with other crime rates being on the list which includes, money laundering, black marketing, political threats and violence and street crimes, government is striving hard to reduce the level of crimes and the combined effort of forces and government has lessened this rate.


7. Libya

Libya has been striving hard from the past some time because of the rebellious movements for the fall of Ghaddafi. There was a great chaos in the region because of the division of the masses as pro- and con- of Gen. Ghaddafi. After that there was no such government system for the country and there were individual ruling parties governing their sectors. Due these separate sectors ruling system, there is a great rivalry among the masses leading to armed region with bombings and shelling across different states. This instability has been a major factor for not letting the tourists to visit the country for a while.


6. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been under the state of civil war since Russia attacked it. Afterwards, the increasing invasion of various groups in the country such as Al-Qaida and other militant forces has always been causing social unrest and ever increasing crime rates. The usual crimes other than bombings which the country habitant’s face are drug trafficking on a massive scale, kidnapping and assassinations.


5. Yemen

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - iraq

This country has been very peaceful but due to the invasion of the terrorist tribes in the recent past has led to the notion that this country is definitely not suitable for tourism. There had been bombings and invasion of Al-Qaida in the region. Moreover the greatest number of weapon is found in Yemen making everyone being armed around in the country. There had been incidents with tourist who dared to visit the country in this situation.


4. Iraq


After the invasion of United States of America in Iraq, there had been instability prevailing over the region. There has been much news that quite a number of foreigners have been abducted up till now in this region. There have been bombings by the troops wandering around with arms and quite a number of incidents of other terrorist attacks which leads to the reason of such a great number of deaths there in the country.


3. India

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India is a country of south East Asia bordering with Pakistan and having the second largest population of the world. India has not been a victim of any war on terror or civil war but due to such a large population and many underlying lack of resources, the rate of crime is increasing day by day. These crimes include arms trafficking, street crimes and domestic violence. Most importantly, India has been going through such recent incident indicating itself as becoming the most dangerous country for women. Acid attacks, forced rapes and consequently suicide rate have reached to the peak level. There has been much voice against such acts and many NGOs are working for it as well.


2. Syria

Syria is yet another country with a state of war. There has been an invasion of ISIS militants which has led to a great massacre and chaos in the state. Government is armed against ISIS and this has created a war zone in Syria and making it among the second most dangerous country in the world. Right now, in the current situation, this region of the world is strictly prohibited for any kind of tourist activity for any foreigner belonging to any religion or country.


1. Somalia

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - Somalia

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Somalia is a country situated in Africa with a very negative reputation due to their crimes. This country has the longest coastline and some states are not ready to accept it as an established country anymore because of the mess it is nowadays. There is robbery, random killing, kidnapping, massacre, corruption, bribery and most significant is the Mafia of Pirates, well established in Somalia.

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