Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsmen Ever

Ladies and gentlemen! Cricket is something every one aspires for. When it comes to cricket, then one can easily find few of the crazy cricket fans all around the world. These fanatics are constantly in the search of the latest news regarding cricket and the latest rankings and the latest records regarding cricket. The rankings could be of best ballers, best batsmen, top ranked cricket teams, richest cricketers, best fielders and many more. But few interesting ranking lists can also be seen. One of the lists discussed today would definitely grab your attention because this article focuses on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsmen Ever With dangerous batsmen it is meant “Hard Hitters” or those batsmen who are considered as dangerous for the opposing teams. So let us have a look at the list.


10. Tillakaratne Dilshan

Tillakaratne Dilshan - most dangerous batsmen

He is dangerous and aggressive when it comes to playing cricket. He is the opening batsman of team Sri Lanka. His expertise includes batting and fielding and he has made the mark in both of them.  Recently he is also playing as a batsman in IPL team of Royal Challenges India.


9. Yusuf Pathan

Yusuf Pathan - most dangerous batsmen

This fast bowler from Indian cricket team is very well known for his aggression. His aggressive nature makes a perfect amalgam with his superb bowling, and thus he is known as one of the best bowlers of the world. He has now become a permanent part of the regular Indian cricket team.


8. Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum - most dangerous batsmen

When you have to lead, you have to be a little strict and authoritative. I suppose McCullum, who is captain of New Zealand cricket team, keeps this view in mind and is termed as an aggressive player. He is a great hitter and is famous for grounding every bowler. If you are watching a T20 and you find a dangerous ball hitter, you must perceive him to be McCullum. He is now a part of Kolkata Knight Riders of IPL.


7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - most dangerous batsmen

Dhoni is captain and wicketkeeper of Indian cricket team. He has got two most important posts of the team, so he has made himself a brave and strong batsman with extremely hard hitting qualities. Once he is in the field, everyone becomes extra alert. It is assumed that he can alone win the match without relying on any other person. He is now captain of Chennai Super Kings in IPL.


6. Kieron Pollard

pollard  - most dangerous batsmen

West Indies has always provided with such players who spread fears in the field due to their performance. Kieron Pollard is one those players. This all-rounder with enormous height ends up in defeating the opponent, always. He is one of the best bowlers of world. At present he is also playing in Mumbai’s team of IPL.


5. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist - most dangerous batsmen

Gilchrist loves to play in front of fast bowlers without hesitation. He is a former captain, wicketkeeper and batsman of Australian cricket team and now he is playing with Kings IX Punjab associated with IPL. He made Australian cricket team the number one team. Every other team against Australian team used to come with shivering legs to compete with Australians.


4. Virender Sehwag

virender sehwag - most dangerous batsmen

With his exceptionally well strike rate, he is a dangerous batsman. As soon as he crosses the total runs of 20 or 30, his confidence highly increases and he starts striking without any worries. He has also made an unbeatable record of most runs in the ODI Innings. Moreover, he has also made triple centuries in test matches many times


3. AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers - most dangerous batsmen

He is not only a great batsman but a stylish personality. He is a South African player with excellent batting skills. He also serves as the captain of the One Day International for South African team. He- with his batting skills- alone has led his team towards the victory stand. He also plays for the IPL (Premier League) in the team of Royal Challengers (Bangalore).


2. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle- who comes from Jamaica- plays for West Indies and is a breath taking player for most of the teams. Every one dreads him because of his hitting style. Even the balls that hit the edges of the bat are enough to scare the hell out of the bowlers. He can play exceptionally well in every format; whether one day match, ODI or T20. He is best known for his splendid performance in the T20 and therefore plays for Royal Challengers in IPL League.


1. Shahid Afridi

Shahid-Afridi- most dangerous cricketer ever

Shahid Afridi aka Boom Boom Afridi and Lala is ranked as the most dangerous batsmen of the year. One can easily guess about the nature of Shahid Afridi. He is aggressive and bold by nature and his aggressive style is equally depicted in his batting. Another style icon related to his batting style is that he plays every ball irrespective of the fact that it is hittable or not!!! One of his unbeatable records is scoring 102 runs in only 37 balls; hence making a record of the fastest hundred.  He is also ranked first in the list of fastest fifty.

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