Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotels In America

Are you on a long and tiring trip and need some mental and physical rest? Then you must be in search of some comfortable hotels. For physical comfort, the hotel must be luxurious. But actually mental rest is more important than physical rest. So to make you feel relaxed mentally, some of the creative and intellectual personalities have kept the beauty of the hotels as a priority in mind. And if your surroundings are beautiful, they surely give a soothing effect to the minds. After reading all this, your minds now must be working on lines of most beautiful hotels. So to lessen up your efforts and make your work easier, I have compiled a list of top 10 most beautiful hotels in America. All of these and some other hotels are truly stunning and are worth staying. Have a look at them and feel the beauty.


10. Cordevalle (Rosewood), San Martin, California

Cordevalle (Rosewood), San Martin, California

This hotel is a little far and isolated and is also known as “isolated, private paradise”. Whether it is design or service, everything looks so perfectly stunning. As it is made in woods, so every Villas and Bungalows have their own vineyard views and private gardens. This adds up to the score of this hotel. The wooden decor including wooden fireplace along with whirlpool tubs and leather chairs makes a perfect combo providing a complete relaxing environment. You would surely enjoy the grassy scene out of your window.


9. The St. Regis San Francisco

The St. Regis San Francisco

This hotel is active and modern. It has got a 24 hour butter service with a number of modern facilities and fabulous scenes. The spacious rooms give beautiful scenery of the glass buildings from the window making you realize that you live in the 21st century. Moreover the 50 foot pool provides with a lot of loungers which is the most relaxing place in the entire hotel.


8. Resort at Pelican Hill, California

Resort at Pelican Hill, California

Why this resort is in the list of beautiful hotels? I have got two main reasons. First, it has got mesmerizing scenery from the windows and balcony. Second, the architecture is awesome reaching up to perfection. The travertine flooring, limestone fireplaces and wooden ceilings makes this resort a uniquely beautiful one. And you know what? This resort have got the most pleasant and attentive staff which you would never find anywhere.


7. The Ritz-Carlton, Half Bay Moon

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Bay Moon

The Ritz-Carlton hotel is a 261 room resort with a full romantic environment presenting worthy bay views. The rooms are stunning, spacious with beautiful views. Not only the inside, but the outside of the hotel is also different in its own way. Fire pits along the ocean with a golf course of 18 holes are the serene and beautiful outdoor facilities provided by The Ritz-Carlton.


6. French Quarter Inn, South Carolina

French Quarter Inn, South Carolina

The rooms are decorated with different and unique colors, are spacious and tidy ones. Lobby is a little expanded and the most likely view is that of the spiral atrium. As you are a special guest, so the staff would always bow. On your arrival, welcoming champagne would be awaiting for you.


5. 21C Museum Hotel, Kentucky

21C Museum Hotel, Kentucky

This hotel is accompanied by an art museum which makes it creative and unique. The space where the art pieces are exhibited is nearly 9000 square feet. Floors are wooden, with timber trusses and glass transoms. In a small city if Kentucky, hotels like this are no less than a miracle for the visitors.


4. Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe

Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe

“Four Seasons Resort” is decorated in a modern style of Southwest. Rooms are spacious with wooden floors which are radiantly heated on which rests the Native American style rugs. Color combination is that of orange and warm brown. Dine at Terra restaurant would be one of the finest experiences. The luxurious whirlpool, seasonal pool and luxury spa adds cherry on the top.


3. Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley

Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley

It is a 50 room hotel which is expensive also. It is beautiful because its surroundings are beautiful. View of the countryside along with lush green gardens and grassy grounds adds to its beauty. Rooms are homey equipped with large terraces. It also has luxury spa, pool and Michelin star restaurant through which you can make unforgettable memories.


2. Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

Palazzo Resort is an extension of Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, but this extension is a lot fancier and up to standards providing unmatchable services. The bedrooms are large enough with sunken living room where lies the L shaped sofas. The curtains are remote control rather touch control making your actions more feasible. Palazzo provides access to Canyon Ranch Spa with Haute-Couture shopping mall. The restaurants in this resort are Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck. All in all every corner of the resort is perfect through which we can feel the overflowing beauty.


1. Waldof Astoria, Chicago

Waldof Astoria, Chicago

It would not be an exaggeration by calling this hotel a land of beauty. You just enter and you are caught up in the mesmerizing views of the sculptures and decorations everywhere. Rooms are large with terraces which are fully furnished.

Fireplaces and Italian linens are also present. Bathrooms are also unique in their own sense with white Carrara marbles. The lakefront and Gold coast in the neighbor presents a completely awesome view. Building consists of 60 stories and from top to bottom the décor is amazing. It is a must visit.

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