Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

It is said that nature has music for those who listen and beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer. So, it all depends on an observer that how he observes and perceives the view. Natural beauty is always a source of attraction for mankind but sometimes the creativity done by man also increases the beauty of some place. Same is the case with beautiful cities of the world. These cities are naturally blessed with an outstanding attraction and the artificial work done by its inhabitants enhance the flavor of their beauty. The classical definition of the city states that city is a symbol of good lifestyle; a life in which a man could aspire more than just survival. The attraction of the city includes natural landscape, culture, historical background, arts, theater, music, dancing etc.

The ranking of beautiful things must be according to person’s own choice or taste but let’s have a round of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world followed by vast collections of surveys and research.


10: Bruges

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 10th Bruges

  •   Country : Beligium

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. This city has rich beauty within its small area. While moving around the city, one can imagine the life of middle ages ,as it contain a deep architecture sense like there is a fine collection of medieval and modern arts .Most of its medial architecture includes some notable places like “The church of our lady’’ and “The sculpture Madonna and child’’. This small city has a different quality of snap shots that sums its photogenic beauty.


9: Budapest

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 9th Budapest

  •  Country: Hungary

The beauty of this city has a magnetic quality that attracts the attention of tourists .There is a peaceful, friendly and a youthful atmosphere that helps to uplift the beauty of this gorgeous city. In addition, there are hills with the river which flows throughout the city and present an amazing view. Budapest’s nightlife also has its own charm. Budapest’s other important sources of attraction includes The Royal Palace, Gellert Hill, important source of attraction includes The Royal Palace , Gellert Hill, The Margaret Island and some Famous Avenues and Boulevards.


8: Rome

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 8th Rome

  •   Country: Italy

Rome is a capital of Italy .This is a place that shows a magnificent history, as Rome’s architecture has some special place over the centuries ranging from imperial roman style to modern Fascist architecture. Other attractive features of this city includes different styles of fountains ,bridges and statues particularly the talking statues of Rome like Pasquino and Marforio that are still a source of entertainment for tourists. The city also contains a number of wonderful public parks and villas.


7: Florence

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 7th Florence

  •   Country: Italy

This city is famous for its artistic value. Florence is located by the side of River Arno. This romantic place has some colorful buildings that enhance its artistic attraction. The scene of sunset in Florence shows another kind of natural beauty and purity that looks so beautiful that one wishes to spend one’s whole life in this beautiful land.


6: Bern

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

  •   Country: Switzerland

Bern is a small area of Switzerland but has some special place due to its great beauty. As the whole city is covered with green hills, with cool and calm environment, this is a most visited area of Switzerland by the tourists. It is also a birth place of a famous scientist Albert Einstein this also increase its popularity.


5: Rio de Janeiro

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, Rio De Janerio at 5th

  •   Country: Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is an amazing city made up of some eco-friendly landscapes that snatches the attention of the tourists. Added to this, there are some beaches like white sand beach, and while walking on this a person feels relaxed and out of this world. Night time of this place also shows a wonderful scene. This city is also popular for its numerous festivals and traditional dancing in the streets


4: Lisbon

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 4th Lisbon

  •   Country: Portugal

Lisbon lies on a series of hills and by the side of Tagus River. This city has a flavor of cultural values, loving and welcoming people. The local natives of this city are very friendly. Every season brings more beauty for this city.


3: Prague

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, 3rd Prague

  •   Country: Czech Republic

This is the wonderful land of music and arts with a lot of churches. Prague is also famous for its cultural attraction. It’s important places includes  the Prague Castle, Old Town Square, art galleries, theaters, cinemas , 10 major museums and some other historical places . This city is also famous for its varied and different architecture. So, Prague lies under the list of world’s most popular tourist choice.


2: Paris

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, Paris

  •   Country: France

The beautiful city of France is famous for its rich beauty, traditional values, art and culture, and famous museums. The heart of France is also known as city of lights, love and latest fashion. Paris is considered as one of the most romantic cities of the world. The boat tour also catches the attention of the tourists. While watching the popular Eiffel tower of Paris, one will fall in love with this wonderful city. Paris is a complete package for those who really want to enjoy the colors of this world.


1: Venice

Most Beautiful Cities In The World, Venice at top

  •   Country: Italy

The top most beautiful city of the world found in Italy. This city is located in a north eastern side of Italy on a group of 118 small islands. Its beautiful location highlights its specialty. There are some other names of this city as “The City of Water”, “The City of Bridges And Canals’’ and “The Floating City”. This is the most beautiful city made by man. There are many sources of attraction in Venice as St. Mark’s Square, the world’s most popular square with great historical background. Other famous places of Venice include Bridge of Sighs. St. Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal, Doge’s Canal, Lido and Teatro la Fenice, etc. Moreover, the art work, creativity and its architecture adds richness to its beauty and rank this city as the top most beautiful city of the world.

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