Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Beauty appeals everybody and attracts every sight towards itself. The most beautiful thing is the nature around us. Nature has provided us with a lot of beautiful creatures prevailing around us. Of all these enchanting creatures, birds no doubt fall in the mesmerizing category of living things. The birds, we mostly see around us, flying, are monochromatic. But there are a lot of birds with a large number of colors in them. Variety of colors, feathers and flying styles make some of the birds very unique and that are rarely found. To add up to your knowledge regarding birds, I have made a list of top 10 most beautiful birds in the world, so you may have know-how about these different and alluring creations.

10. Peacock

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World, Peacock

Peacock is a common bird aka Indian Peafowl and is the largest flying bird. Peacock is famous for the crown on the head and a fan of feathers depicting different color patterns soothing the eyes. These glamorous color patterns make peacocks the beautiful birds. And if the sun rays fall on these colors, you must not miss that worthy sight. Male peacock usually spread their wire like feathers displaying blue, green, orange, red and golden colors. They make distinct noises and are recognized by their unusual voice.


9. Gouldian Finch

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World, Gouldian Finch

These are small birds with amazing and unique colors. You would see distinct colors not much merged as the feathers and the body have been colored by some crayons. Green, red, purple, olive, turquoise and yellow colors are mostly seen in the plumage of Gouldian Finch.


8. Keel Billed Toucan

Keel Billed Toucan

Have you ever seen a large beak with various colors? If not, then have a look on Keel Billed Toucan. This bird may look a little frightening at first sight but trust me; you would enjoy the sight watching the most unique beak ever. It is Belize’s national bird whose habitat is found in rainforest’s canopies.


7. Scarlet Macaw

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World like Scarlet Macaw

I am sure that you must have seen that parrot toy which repeats after what you speak. That toy might be a Scarlet Macaw as this trait is found in this parrot as well. It is the largest parrot known on this planet with clear and sharp colors. White color patterns are around the eye and striking red, blue, yellow and green colors occupies the body. These colors make these parrots truly a spectacular one.


6. Broad Billed Hummingbird

Broad Billed Hummingbird

I have placed this hummingbird out of all the hummingbirds in the list of most beautiful birds due to the beak. Usually beaks of hummingbirds are pure black but Broad Billed Hummingbird has an orange beak with a black contrast. The shiny blue color from throat to the belly with a pale turquoise amalgam at the end is truly mind blowing.


5. Blue Bird of Paradise

Blue Bird of Paradise

Of all the Birds of Paradise, Blue Bird of Paradise is the most beautiful one as its head and neck are jet black with a light blue body giving a velvety effect overall. At the back is an extended teal of blue color with goldenish or yellowish feather emerging like wires. A nice calm and soothing effect is depicted by this bird of paradise making you feel that you are actually in paradise with these stunning creatures.


4. Blue Jay

Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds In The World, Blue Jay

Blue Jays are found in woods and are often found chasing the smaller birds and calling one another in a taunting tone. The color spectrum on this bird is again fabulous. The feathers are blue with fine bars of black color at the tip followed by pure white pattern. This color combination usually reminds of sea or pool with a sense of coolness and calmness.


3. Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

You would find a great blend and contrast of colors with patches of some vibrant colors as well. The plumage is grey mostly with a blend of black and brown. The face is occupied by feathers which are rose colored blended into the grey body. At the top of the face is found a tuft presenting a comical effect of the bird. Tail is again a blend of grey and black but black is seen in majority in this portion. A vibrant neon yellow patch is present at the tip of the tail giving an image as if the tail is dipped into a yellow paint.


2. The Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet

Ever wished to touch rainbow? Rainbow Lorikeet would make your wish true. As the name indicates, Rainbow Lorikeet has almost every rainbow color on the feathers. The exact rainbow colors on the Lorikeet would make you believe that God is the most Magnificent and you cannot stop your tongue by thanking God for providing us with such beautiful sights. These parrots are Australian mostly found in Australia and Tasmania and Pacific Islands. Their habitat is mostly found in rain forests, woods and coastal bushes.


1. Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant are also called as Chinese Pheasant. The display of colors is, again, breath taking. The color contrast is dazzling with a red body and golden crest. The cape is orange with green or blue back.

The sides of the face have a fan pattern of finely separated orange and black colors. The fan is orange with black bars at the tip. Golden Pheasant is a game bird with Western China as the origin. But now it is being bred in UK also. They can fly but it seems that they don’t love to fly. They are mostly found on grounds hopping here and there.

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