Top 10 Most Adventurous Places You Should Visit

“If you do not take risks; you will have a wasted soul”; rightly says Drew Barrymore. The perspective to explore the world needs to be modified. Many people are passionate about travelling and visit mostly common places of different countries and seem to be reluctant to visit the places that offer unusual and bold experiences, somewhat risky, but truly exciting, electrifying and breathtaking; the adventurous places round the world.

These adventures may include skydiving, deep sea diving, mountain climbing and many more. Some people still think that where your life is at stake then that’s not a credible endeavor to do but indeed experiencing such ventures take you more closer to life, where you can feel your existence more closely, you may miss your heartbeats at time, but surviving these ventures become a soul’s delight for lifetime that can scarcely be described in words. These moments always linger down in your memory lane and make you believe in you. Top 10 Most Adventurous Places You Should Visit is listed below.


10) Mauritius

Mauritius most beautiful places

During your visit to Mauritius do not miss the walking safari with lions. This activity takes place in a separate area of safari park. It is quite pleasant to see lions playing and hopping, from the shadows of green trees. And even the lions can walk with you along the park. Its unique and amazing experience offered by this park where you closely react with this creature without any fear


9) Lake Powell

Lake Powell best adventurous place

Lake Powell in United States is perhaps the most attractive vacation site of swimming. Its beauty is considered to be beyond imagination. The scenery is simply mind blowing, the blue water, spell binding sunset hypnotize swimmers. Swimming in this tremendous lake surrounded by landscapes is an unforgettable experience.


8) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania amazing place

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the toughest mountains in the world to climb. You need not only proper equipment and good training but also perfect planning, since the routes are quite steep. You need to take the efficient one and need to subject yourself completely to the magic of these mountains to add meaning to your journey.


7) Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

Seville is a cultural Centre of Spain and because of its unique heritage and customs is tourists’ top destination, but how can I forget to mention the heartening tandem skydiving there. Leaping out of helicopter may be fearful but after that you enjoy a free flight in air, you may form conjunctions with your friends and then aid yourself with a parachute to land down and the moment you land down, calmness prevails on your senses.


6) Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park - most adventurous places

Kruger national safari park is perhaps Africa’s best and superb safari destination. It is considered to be a home for lions, leopards, rhino, buffalo and elephant. The park invites you to discover wildlife with close proximity. There are different packages available like private or family package that provide an adventurous opportunity for whole family together or classic, but all are well rounded packages. There are some unique activities packages that include walking safari where it’s you and wildlife, undoubtedly it sounds scary but it is something you may regret if you miss it out of fear.


5) Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park

Oak mountain state park located in Alabama is largest park of the state and perhaps most amusing. It meets the needs of people interested in different activities like hiking, mountain biking etc. the oak mountain itself is situated in the middle of the parks and the road leading to this high peaks allows you to witness some of the impressive lookouts there. You can have fun fishing, can also enjoy hunting as deer are commonly found, can attempt horse riding or mountain biking and moreover the park also facilitates camping.


4) Skydiving In Interlaken

Skydiving In Interlaken - most adventurous places

Skydiving is thought quite thrilling and indeed one of the most risky and bold ventures, but these factors can be ignored if you are to get the spectacular top view of beautiful blue lakes, magnificent snowy mountains, huge glaciers of none other than the paradise of the world, Switzerland. Though a bit frightening, but skydiving in fresh atmosphere in Interlaken is an overwhelming and breathtaking adventure for lifetime. A few minutes flight just take you out of this world and develops a sense of newness in you.


3) Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India - most adventurous places

Sand lovers need not necessarily head to beeches instead trekking in deserts can be more memorable experience to them. Ladakh, which means land of high passes, is a high altitude desert located in Indian state of Jammu and is surrounded by beautiful and high Himalayas which are major hindrance to rain in this desert. From October to May, Ladakh becomes snowbound that portrays scene of paradise for adventure enthusiasts. There are different treks available here for people with different potentials and different extent of desire to explore nature through twist and turns.


2) Deep Sea Diving In Bonaire

Deep Sea Diving In Bonaire - most adventurous places

Bonaire, a Caribbean island, located in Netherlands probably the best deep sea diving site in the world. It’s a center of attraction for tourists because of its huge variety of fish and calm diving experience. Diving is quite recreational here since water is free of silt and the ease of diving that the island offers. The beautiful marine park developed is beautiful destination for photographers that truly creates magic. The weather conditions are quite favorable for divers, there is low rainfall and moderate temperature, and less intense currents increase the charm of diving. The big density of coral reef and variety of multi-colored fish create such a splendor that this becomes a gorgeous underwater wonderland that makes this dive worth remembering.


1) Scuba Diving In Red Sea

Scuba Diving In Red Sea - most adventurous places

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Egypt is “pyramids” but very few people are aware that Red Sea there is one of the best and exciting locations for scuba diving. The warmth of water urges many of the new divers to jump in who are hesitant of cold water, although air cools down in winter but it not at all reduces the charm of red sea, and in fact it becomes the most popular time to visit it. It is also considered to be a good spot for learning because of excellent teaching staff available. Diving deep down in this sea may give you a chance to come across more than 1200 types of fish out which many are found nowhere else in the world. The sea is rich of coral secreting beautiful and colorful reefs on the whole forming a beautiful and worth seeing coral gardens that really mesmerize the divers and the eyes are locked on them.

Moreover the clarity of water ensures that you do not miss the glint of any of the creature down there waiting for you and makes you feel that you are actually lost somewhere in their world where you can feel each of your breath.

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