Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

Halloween is about to come and it is going to loom large if you do not prepare for it now. Though there are some last minute lazy person ideas; you can wear the sweater grandma knitted for you or you can always try the dress you’re unhappy aunt gave you or maybe put some clothes which you always felt uncomfortable with and this time you can make others uncomfortable. So options are there but why not design or buy something scary yet utterly classy and gorgeous. To stand out of the crowd it is not necessary that you buy an expensive outfit, instead it is the attitude with which you carry it and also the makeup and complementing accessories. You can choose any superhero or actress that you want e.g. Marilyn Monroe never goes out of date. You can also customize the outfit but it’s better to get it checked by someone instead of repenting over embarrassing photos afterwards. Just to get ideas going here is a list of Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015.


10. Zombie Costume Idea

Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

To add a little more scary in this year’s perfect upcoming Halloween, you can become a zombie!

The Look: Scary undead makeup (lots of white powder with hints of purple, pink and brown).

The Attitude: Brains! Tasty Brains!


9. Black Widow

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Black Widow

With Scarlett Johansson playing the character in the movie the appeal just went sky high.

The Look: Long curled red hair, black skin kissing outfit, belts to hold gadgets and beauty is all you need.

The Attitude: Well you know the attitude!


8. Black Cat

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Black Cat

This look has been worn for a long time and it just doesn’t get old. So if you have a toned body you can also choose this look.

The Look: Over all black costume with black shoes, a creative black tail with smokey black makeup.

The Attitude: You can be a cute kitty or you can be an erotic seductive one. The difference will be the makeup and the attitude.


7. Thor

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Thor

The best option would be if you can copy the husky voice of Hulk, but sigh! That is not possible (until you already have it). So may be the attitude can do the work.

The Look: This look cannot work until you have the hammer so after you find yourself a hammer, you need a red cape, long wavy blond hair, and a black attire. You can latter stick the silver circles on the front and thank the designers that Thor doesn’t wear his underwear outside! You can upgrade the look with cuffs and bands.

The Attitude: Brave, powerful and Loki hating.


6. Zipped Up Human

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Zipped Up Human

Since the modern days have absolutely mind blowing tattoo and makeup techniques this look can work magic.

The Look: Use paint or makeup to paint 3D zip that is half open showing your flesh.

The Attitude: Be in pain.


5. Tip from Home

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Tip from Home

RiRi did a remarkable job in Home with the character Tip. This Halloween you can become Tip too.

The Look: Curly brown hair, orange upper, stripped (white and pale green) shirt with blue jeans.

The Attitude: Be Confident and Determined.


4. Older Version Of Yourself

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Older Version Of Yourself

This look is good for men as well as women and believe me, as odd as it sounds, the look will absolutely look adorable on kids. It requires hard work and good makeup skills. If you have these prerequisites at your disposal then you can opt for it. Heidi Klum wowed the crowd with this look. You can also use apps available to show how you will look when you get old.

The Look: Use app or imagination to see how you will look when you get old and use makeup. Hold a stick and a granny purse.

The Attitude: Act like your grandma!


3. Emmett From The Lego Movie

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Emmett From The Lego Movie

The Lego movie was a great success but we didn’t see many Halloween costumes inspired from it. Well the look is easy and if carried right can make you prominent. The Halloween costume can have both easy and one step ahead look. And which one you will decide will surely depend upon your enthusiasm for Halloween and also the time you will have left to get your costume ready.

The Look: Borrow the suit from a construction worker, orange jacket and yellow construction site hat or you can skip the hat. For a more developed version you may make a vest and head out of cardboard boxes but please do not attempt it if you are short on necessary materials.

The Attitude: Everything is perfect in the world!


2. Maleficent

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Maleficent

Oh how we just love seeing villains turn into heroes! Well the movie Maleficent showed every color through multiple transformations from being sweet caring to evil daring to again caring! Angelina Jolie made the look a trademark through her red lips and well defined jaw line. If you are trying to follow this costume then you might have to use contouring techniques and heavy bronzer application. However if you are planning this look for little girls then that won’t be necessary. Since Maleficent is show in two to three looks you can opt any one of them.

The Look: For the first look you will need a black dress with a hint of brown in it. With this look while you wear a fierce makeup with red lips and little blackness to show the depth of eye sockets. This look also demands wings (the glorious wings which caused all the fuss). For the second look you will need a black cape to cover yourself back and front, razor sharp jaw and cheek bones and obviously the stick where all your power resides. However the triumph will be when you rock the horns so either buy them or make them but be sure to give them enough attention.

The Attitude: Caring yet ignorant. Serious and good with words.



1. Queen Elsa

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - Queen Elsa

Elsa themed birthday parties, Elsa themed dresses and what not? Well it just doesn’t get old and we can’t have enough of it. While usually princess themes are followed by little girls, the Elsa fever has even the teens and twenties wrapped in itself. Elsa theme on Halloween will simply elevate and distinguish you from princesses because guess what? You are a Queen! If you are a blond then this is perfect for you otherwise you can go blond or use a wig.

The Look: Frosty pale blue color dress with a tail touching the floor, a sparkly net cape at the back of the dress but do not pin it up on your shoulders instead keep it a little lower, Blond braid, and matching sandals. For the makeup you need to keep it frosty! Use purple eye shadow but don’t forget to blend it. Dark pink lipstick or light pink with a hint of red will look great.

The Attitude: Let it go! Don’t hold it back anymore! Confident, mature and fierce yet loving!

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