Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

The Halloween of this year is here and everyone wants to wear the best Halloween costume. Most of us get our costumes inspired by the latest movies going on and the hottest celebrities of the year, whereas some prefer to wear the old ones. Halloween is the best occasion to enjoy over the whole year. You get to be yourself, you can be funny, evil, a baby or even a witch, and everyone is going to love you. Some people consider it to be way better than the Prom! Here you will find all varieties of ideas for your Halloween costumes for every age group. You will find superstars, superheroes, animated cartoons and your favorite season’s characters. Here are the Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014.



Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

To be the cooler guy on your Halloween party you can always go for the famous guy from LMFAO. You can even dress up your 5 year old because the costume is simple. Get a curly hair wig like Red Foo wears and white glasses. Take any jacket of yours and bedazzle it to give the look. You will have to wear the famous sexy chain that he wears and show some great moves in the party.


9. Minni Mouse Costume

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

If you have a 9 month old toddler or a 3 year old girl you can always go for the Mini-mouse costume. It’s easy and simple to make and your kid will look adorable. Get a red polka dot dress for your daughter and you can make the ears home in a few simple steps. Wrap any hairband with a black ribbon, and then buy some circle foams which you can get from any general store. Now apply some glue to it and paste each other together around the headband. Repeat it with the other one. Take a red polka dot ribbon to make a bow and attach it on the top using the glue. You can also make her wear some white gloves and she will be the prettiest Minnie mouse around.


8. Walk Of The Dead Zombie

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

If you want to dress up in a scary costume what better than being a zombie. You have a number of options what sort of a zombie you want to be. You will have to tear your clothes and spray some red paint all over it; you can also spread on your mouth. You will have to make some horrifying skin at home or you can attach some flesh dipped in red paint to your skin. Make scars on your face and use makeup to create the zombie effect on your skin. The Plaster of Paris on your skin will give a really terrifying effect.


7. The Mayor Of Townsville From Power Puff Girls

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

This costume is just perfect for anyone who wants to dress up funny. It’s a simple costume, you will have to get a large mustache and wear a white shirt with black pants. Wear a black bow along with a black hat with a sash that says Mayor of Towns ville. You can look around for your secretary in the Halloween party as well.6. Little Don Draper from “Mad Men”:Everyone loves Don Draper from Mad Men and who wouldn’t want to be the smart and the handsome Don Draper on their Halloween. Just wear the best suit you can find and gel you hair back and make sure you don’t disappoint the original Don Draper.


5. DumbleDora The Explorer

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

The hilarious costume of this year can be the DumbleDora the Explorer. Grab a pink shirt with orange shorts and of course the famous bag pack to be Dora the Explorer. You will have to wear a wig cut in fringe to complete the look. By holding the wand and your long white beard along with all this DumbleDora the Explorer might get the best trick-or-treat in the streets.


4. The Gang From South Park

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

If you group of friends are thinking to dress up together on Halloween then what’s better than be the gang from South Park. You will need some winter stuff like the caps, mittens and sweaters, and you will dress up like the famous boys Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny Mc Cormick and Eric Cartman.


3. Frozen Fabulous

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

To dress up in the frozen costume is probably every girl’s dream. You can dress up like Elsa on your Halloween party and look like a princess. If you have blonde hair you just have to braid them and prepare your costume at home. You will need a long sleeveless turquoise blue dress with a shiny bodice attached to it. You can take a blue transparent material and make sleeves and attach it till your fingers. The dress has to be flow  to give the real touch along with a cape. You can use satin material to make this Halloween costume. This idea is suitable for every age group of girls.


2. Maleficent

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

The famous witch Maleficent from the movie Sleeping Beauty has gained much fame after the release of the movie. In her costume you will need horns, her black dress, her wand and a stuffed crow to be the perfect witch for your Halloween. You will have to start preparing before to complete it properly. You can make horns out of a cardboard and then wrap a wire around it to make it stick appropriately. Then you can use a black tape and bind all round it. The horns are the signature look of a witch so you better make them properly. Next is the coat she wears which is black with a purple straight collar or you can just wear it all black.


1. Hercules

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 -

To make a Hercules costume will require a lot of creativity. You will have to make it all by yourself. Start with a T-short and tear off its sleeves. The shirt should be long enough to touch your thighs. Then tie a belt round your waist. Wear some sandals and take some laces to tie round your legs. Use a brown marker to make some wrinkles round your face to show the aggressiveness. And also highlight some muscles on your arms and thighs to give a complete Hercules look.

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