The Worst Accident Of History In England 2013

You must have heard about few cars crashing due to fog and less visibility issues, but crashing of 130 Vehicles within 10 minutes due to less visibility can rightly be marked as one of the The Worst Accident Of History In England 2013. It might sound dramatic, but to our dismay, 130 vehicles crashed into one another in the city of England in Kent leading to a record of most vehicles crashed into one another. The incident took place at around 07: 15 BST at Sheppey Crossing on Sept 5th, 2013. Despite of such havoc, fortunately no death has been reported. However, 35 serious casualties receiving hospital treatment have been reported and said as “in horrendous scenes”, 60 people have been injured severely and around 200 people have undergone very minor scratches or injuries. No one is in a serious condition as reported by the Kent Police and the information revealed.

The investigations on this matter reveal that the cause of this record incident was purely natural and the crashes occurred due to the fog rather than the human error. The various witnesses reported “Visibility had been very poor at the time of the crash” which clearly proves the reason behind the mega incident. Some people (witnesses) also reported that “the collisions continued for 10 minutes with vehicles colliding into one another and what we could hear were cars thudding into one another, Lorries crashing and voices of screeching”.

The people who underwent the accident, soon ran back to warn the other coming vehicles about the incident ahead and instructed them to slow down which helped a lot in saving people’s lives and leading to more crashes.

worst accident of history in England 2013

An In-depth Analysis of the Accident

The incident is a set-back to the security of the people. When we analyze the matter deeply, we come across the 2006 issue when this bridge was built. The Kent police raised concerns about the safety of the people stating that the design of the bridge was not built keeping in context the safety issues like lighting etc. But Highways Agency kept on convincing that the design is flawless. These unjust convincing actions did not let them realize the root problem of the bridge.

Another perspective of the incident throws light on the fact that fast driving and the inability of the drivers regarding turning the fog lights on might be a reason of such a great destruction.

Isle of Sheppey bridge crash

A Need of Serious Investigation

Even if the incident is regarded as purely natural, a serious investigation must be held that whether the accident was due to low visibility or the cause was the bridge design- for it raises serious concerns at the designing company, the Highway agency and the Police Department as well.

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