The World’s Best Fashion Designers 2013

Starting from the banyan leaves as the clothes of human to the elegant pants and shirts in this era; evolution of fashion is vigilant. No matter what the era and the area are, people want to look great and presentable. And to assist people to look beautiful a lot of professionals are working day and night. These experts are actually the fashion designers. Previously people used to adopt it as a part time job or as their favorite activity. But now this fashion designing has turned into a business and a proper fashion industry has come into existence. We have a large number of groomed and experienced fashion designers around the globe. We would have a look at the top 3 best fashion designers of the world titled as The World’s Best Fashion Designers 2013 and take some inspiration from their struggling histories.

3) Tom Ford

The World's Best Fashion Designers 2013, tom ford at 3

Nationality: American

Struggle behind the Success: Tom Ford has a cute story behind his career of fashion designing. He graduated as an ‘Architect’ from Parsons the New School for Design. But in his inside, his passion for fashion dragged him to the category of fashion designing and he adapted it as a profession in 1994. The scale of Ford’s talent can be determined by the fact that he turned the brand ‘Gucci’ from being bankrupt to a billionaire company. Then he depicted his talent in ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ and the history got repeated. This brand also got fame after his entry. After gathering experience, he has now launched his own brand named as ‘Tom Ford’ and is showing his magical techniques to bring the brand on the scene. He has now indulged into movie direction as well to give his overflowing talent a positive direction. His magic worked here as well and he got awards for his movie ‘A Single Man’ and was chosen as a ‘Menswear Designer of the Year’. His designing oozes out from his personality as well.

2) Giorgio Armani

The World's Best Fashion Designers 2013,, Giorgio Armani

Nationality: Italian

Struggle behind the Success: Armani’s struggling story is inspirational. He used to be window dresser in Milan, Italy at a departmental store. Then for the sake of earning money he started his job in the department of menswear as a seller. This was his turning point. His pondering and inquisitive mind widened up his thoughts. He got experience in menswear and started thinking of designing his own clothes by launching his own brand. He opened up his first shop in Milan in 1975 and since then he is succeeding by leaps and bounds. He became the most successful fashion designer from Italy in 2001 with an income of $1.6 billion annually. His story of success did not end there as he has earned $8.5 billion in 2013 up till now. No one can ever imagine that the owner of “Armani” was a salesman. The brand is famous for menswear and needs no explanation of its popularity as the illiterates are also aware of the word “Armani”.

1) Calvin Klein

 The World's Best Fashion Designers 2013,

Nationality: American

Struggle behind the Success: Calvin Klein aka as CK, is a versatile designer. At the start of his career he opened a coat shop at ‘Big Apple’ back in 1968. The shop mainly dealt with coats and the related stuff. He faced a lot of failures at that time. Then an investment of $10,000 just revolutionized his business like a magic wand. His brand is also under his name “CK” and is considered to be the most popular one. He did not restrict himself to clothes only rather his fashion line constitutes of watches, perfumes, fragrances, home collection, underwear and eyewear. This variety with a very wide range of products is the cause of his popularity. Even the Hollywood celebrities are his clients and wear CK items on special or casual occasion. The brand CK entertains people from every age group and every gender. Calvin Klein was placed on to the list of ‘International Best Dressed List’ in 1983. Later in 1981, 1983 and 1993 he was rewarded by the ‘Councils of Fashion Designs of America’. His success story is still on its way; rather a ‘Highway’.

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