The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes

Have been wondering why some players play well while others do not? Even when everyone is good at playing internationally? Wondering what is the reason behind playing extraordinary by some players? One of the reasons might be the shoes the players choose for their sport. Well, when it comes to playing a sport well, then the shoes you are wearing play the utmost important role. Playing an extraordinary game relies on the shoes. Proper shoes provide strength, support, control, and friction to play a perfect game that could be remembered for centuries. Different brands are nowadays making some perfect shoes for the players and these brands regularly launch improved and better shoes than the previous launches. This article focuses on the 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes. So let us have an overview of this article.

10) Jordan Melo M9

The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes, Jordan Melo M9

One of the well rounded products of the Melo series is Jordan Melo M9. The outsoles of these shoes are full size herringbone and are made up of solid rubber. The features which make them best are Zoom Air of heel and forefoot. Moreover, the color of the shoes is vibrant like rainbow which make them elegant and captive.



9) Ektio Breakaway

The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes, Ektio Breakaway

Ektio do not have a wide range of shoes with only three or four models. Still their quality is unmatchable. They provide with the cushioning and are durable. Their outsole is also that of full size herringbone and this feature makes them best. The important facility these shoes provide is the ventilation ability.



8) The Question – Reebok

The Question – Reebok

These shoes can be regarded as one of the most popular and comfortable shoes of every time. These shoes come with amazing color schemes. Iverson make this brand a popular one by having them as his first shoes. The shoes come with a good traction, peeling rubber, hexalite cushion, a rare leather material on top and good support.



7) Li- Ning Way of Wade

Li- Ning Way of Wade

Way of Wade shoes are however rather expensive but they have excellent cushion and traction. If you can afford them, go buy and if not then keep searching a one with a good price. The sticky rubber makes it a supportive panel when used in clean courts.



6) Air Jordan I 

The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes, Air Jordan I

These shoes have a great contribution in making the basketball shoes what they are today. It was first banned by NBA but Jordan used to wear them by paying fine in every game and so they became popular. These shoes are comfortable and simple.



5) Reebok Pump Omni

Reebok Pump Omni

Reebok Pump Omni was first worn by Dee Brown and Domonique. They then became popular and are still one of the all-time favorite shoes amongst players. Reebok Pump beats every other basketball shoes due to their quality and comfort.



4) Adidas Rose 3.5

Adidas Rose 3.5

Adidas Rose 3.5 is again a pair of well -rounded with full length herringbone shoes. These shoes are popular for their safety features as the synthetic upper helps to keep the feet locked. They provide support and adequate cushion while playing. All these features make these shoes worth buying.



3) Nike Hyperdunk

The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes, Nike Hyperdunk

These shoes are full of innovations. Flywire and Lunar Foam were for the first time used in these shoes. This category of Nike had a wide range of models all full of performance. These shoes can be said as the shoes of new generation with ravishing features enchanting everyone towards themselves. The grooves at the rear of the shoes are the finest grooves and make these shoes the “most flexible shoes”.



2) Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8

These pair of shoes has amazing features that you would never find in any other shoes. They have zippers which makes them totally unique from all other traditional lace shoes. It has an eight inch collar with a Jump man marked on it. For motion control they are equipped with forefoot and decoupled heel. Other features include Flight Plate, Unlocked Zoom etc. No doubt, they are pricey but their price is worth their quality. So you would not regret on spending so much money as at the end you will make your game through it. And as said, “All is well that ends well” you would never regret buying the pair once the game ends pretty well.



1) Nike LeBron X

, The 10 Most Popular and Best Men Basketball Shoes, Nike LeBron X

On number one in the list of The Most Popular and the Best Basketball Shoes is Nike LeBron X. They are on the top of the list because of their asymmetric configuration with a lower back and higher front. This feature adds an extra support to the ankle yet remains flexible. It has full inner sleeves for comfort provided with ventilation. It has a surprising collar making it more alluring. It is also equipped with a dynamic Flywire and Fuse upper. These incredible sneakers are unmatchable and are most popular due to their design, looks, innovation and quality.

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