Ten Israeli Products People Are Going To Boycott

While buying daily life products, have you ever wondered where you are actually spending your money? Well this is one important question as it depicts the role you are playing in nowadays scenario. If you are getting a little confused than let me clear the picture. Israel, community of Jews, has their hands in almost every product used in the entire world. They are also in constant war with some Muslim states, mainly for the thirst of land. Now the large amount of money they earn is being spent on this agenda of theirs. The list of the Israeli products would take tons of pages to be covered. So I have gathered Ten Israeli Products People Are Going To Boycott. It’s time for you to analyze whether you are playing a constructive or destructive role in this brutal war. We can do the best part on our parts by banning their products.


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10. Star Channels (Indian)

Star is an Indian media and entertainment company owned by 21st century fox which is an Israeli company. Star channels have 33 channels in eight different languages being aired in India and they are able to capture a very big market in Asia. In almost every house star channel is watched whether its news, sports, movie or drama channel. If we boycott all these channels, it would result in a major reduction of Israeli economy.


9. National Geographic Channels

National geographic is an informative entertainment channel which mostly shows programs about different discoveries and mechanisms. Although it’s an informative with a great number of followers but the sad part is that it is owned by Israel. This channel is owned by Fox Cable Networks which is a sub division of 21st Century Fox. Although they don’t directly show programs about their beliefs but indirectly they play with our minds and easily transfer their message and belief in our mind, which is a hard fact. And there is only one way to refrain from this is to boycott all Jewish channels.


8. Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest mass communication companies which provide services in a vast number of fields. It is a multinational company headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa. Once it was the world’s largest dealer of mobile phones until Samsung and Apple started making smartphones. If we look in Asia, Nokia is still able to hold its market which is mainly due to its low budget quality phones. We have to boycott Nokia if we wish to stop supporting Israel.


7. Intel

Although it is said to be an American based chip making company but indirectly it is linked to the Jewish families of Israel. Almost every computer we use, there is a 90% probability that there would be an Intel chip inside it. This company has grown very rapidly and impressively and we cannot deny this fact that there is any good replacement for Intel chips. According to recent calculations, the total assets of Intel were $92.4 billion in 2013.


6. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers new and sophisticated styles for men and women including handbags, apparel, fragrances and footwear. This is one of the expensive brands which were founded in 1968 by famous fashion designer Calvin Klein. The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York and its current owner is Phillips Van Heusen Corporation. PVH Corporation owns several famous brands Tommy Hilfiger and Sean John etc.


5. Coca Cola

Coca cola is basically a soft carbonated drink used as a beverage around the world. It can be said that it is available in every part of the world with same taste and rates. Unfortunately we are so addicted to it that it is very hard for us to leave it. Coca cola is owned by The Coca-Cola Company which also owns several other soft carbonated drinks such as sprite and Fanta. In 2013 the total revenue of The Coca Coal Company was $47 billion. We need to stop consuming it as soon as possible in order to defeat Israel.


4. L’oreal

L’Oreal is a French cosmetics company with headquarters in Clichy, Hauts de Seine. It was founded by a Frenchman Eugene Schueller but now almost all of the company is owned by Israeli Jews. In 2013 the total revenue of L’Oreal was 23 billion Euros. Now we can figure it out that it is widely used in all over the world and if we stop consuming it we can make a great difference. The Body Shop is the subsidiary of L’Oreal and we should refrain from using their products also. Recently, L’Oreal has expanded their business in Asia and have made a lot of products specifically for middle east people.


3. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is a multinational company which makes medical and skin related products. In Asia most of its baby care products are used. Every home, where there are babies, there would definitely be the J&J products whether it is in the form of lotions or shampoos. They also have medical products. In short, this brand has strong roots in every house all over the world as they sell products in almost 175 countries. They have a yearly income of around $14 billion. A large amount of this income is under the hold of Jews and Israel.


2. Nestle

What a huge company Nestle is. We drink nestle and we eat nestle products every day. Almost every eatable we use on daily basis has got the tag of Nestle on it. According to the revenues, Nestle claims to be the largest food company all over the world. The products of Nestle include Nescafe, Nesquik, Kit Kat, Maggi, Nido, Smarties, Frozen yogurt and the list goes on. It is actually a Swiss company and the headquarters are situated in Switzerland. It is actually a multinational company but it also has some joint ventures in some parts of the world. Whatever it is, the basic hold of their company is under Jews. Mind it, you buy one Nestle product, you are paying hundreds to Israel making it stronger and stronger.


1. McDonalds

The biggest hamburger fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, is favorite of every big and small. McDonald’s have total of 35,000 outlets out of many are located in Asia. Almost 68 million customers visit this place daily. Voila! McDonald’s is working like a gold mine. But have you ever wondered the $5 billion they earn every year where it actually goes? Well if you are aware of the present situation, going on in some Muslim countries, than you would be having the answer of this question. This chain is also under the influence of Jews and so Israel.

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