Some Beautiful Plot Lines Of Comedy Movies

It is often true when someone is totally broke and comes into contact with someone who is broke too but doesn’t have that sense of feeler to fall in love again. Here are the Some Beautiful Plot Lines Of Comedy Movies which are often common among the movies whether they are romantic or comedy etc in genre.



A singer with a guitar

Meltdown in “the wedding singer” When broke .. or falls in love simple play of the cords by a heart broken guy. A frequent question addressed whether a boy and a girl can fall in love or can ever be just friends



 Uncleared love

“love actually” written by : Ricard Curtis

Channeling clearly the agony of uncleared love . finally working up the nerves to confess affection for the best friend’s wife with bunch of signs. Boy:” To me you are perfect….” “And my wasted heart will love you….” “Until you look like this…” “Merry Christmas”


A date 

Phill connor’s date with rita “Groundhog Day.” Written by: When being plunged to some kind of reincarnation hell a person tried to find himself a reliving state to have a day over and over again. A sort of redemption love in this movie for the people who wants to confess and for them things doesn’t matter.


Last scenes “Sixteen Candles”

written by : To make a movie full of delights and suspense entrance of something is “A Must” thing. Samantha in lead her 16th birthday was all no where remembered her family was obsessing at her sisters wedding.. And then with “jake Rayan” a scene pops up to make a lead.. And it was way too colossal.



Our general line of thought is that if we don’t like someone we do our best to avoid them where possible. In ‘Rom-Com Land’ , “differing personalities” must end up in constant rotation of each other so que improbable reasoning for them to move in together, be employed alongside , go on a road-trip together.



Boy and Girl will invariably fall in love with one another but deny it for the longest possible time. And you’ll have your montages in quick succession of each other too.

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