Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas For Women 2015

When it comes to dressing, women are more peculiar regarding what they wear and costumes for Halloween are a big deal for the ones who like to compete. You may spend a good amount of money on buying a good Halloween costume for yourself this year but would you look sexy in it? What makes a Halloween costume for women sexy? Obviously everything about the costume effects the way you look. It should be relevant and it should be sexy. Finding the sexiest Halloween costumes may appear to be challenging so here are the top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas For Women 2015 that you can go through to get an idea.


10. French Maid Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 -

A French maid costume to make you look like a mysterious yet sexy woman on the leash this Halloween is a wise option. You can wear a black tube dress, an apron and a ribbon tied as a bow to appear as a maid. And the supporting makeup on your face should be mysterious one to give a vibe of a sexy French evil who disguises as a maid.


9. The Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - The Zombie Cheerleader Costume

What can be sexier than a cheerleader costume? Cheerleader dresses with short body tops and micro-pant/shorts are one of the sexiest dresses. Combining the cheerleader costume with a zombie theme will produce an ultimate sexy Halloween costume. It would make you look young, sexy, scary and fun.


8. The Ringmaster Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - The Ringmaster Costume

Ringmaster women are pretty sexy in their short sexy dresses. Train the ghosts and evil on this Halloween by dressing up as a devilish ringmaster by choosing red jacket, corset and shots. Carrying a whip would just add more charisma to the overall costume.


7. Mistress Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - Mistress Costume

While talking about sexy how could one forget to mention mistress? If you are willing to get hands on a sexy costume for Halloween then a sexy and shiny mistress get-up will be a pretty good option. It would turn out to be bold and funky. You could rock any Halloween party with the gypsy mistress costume. Make sure you wear the right make-up to go along your costume.


6. The Court Jester Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - The Court Jester Costume

Sexier as it can get, the court jester costume for woman this Halloween is an amazing theme. You can get yourself a three-piece jester costume that comprises of a lace-up corset with a diamond print, a while neck piece and bells on a short skirt. You can make it scarier by adding touchups on your makeup to look like a terrifying court jester, yet sexy. The elements of jester, justice, terror and horror combine up to make a pretty awesome Halloween costume.


5. Sexy Pirate Wench

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - Sexy Pirate Wench

Pirate themes won’t ever go out of fashion when it comes to costumes and parties. Pirates are known to be evil and devilish. So what better idea can you get then having a sexy pirate wench costume on this Halloween and amaze everyone with your deadly and sexy looks. You can dress up as a sexy pirate wench by wearing a seductive corset and top, a rough buckle belt and short trousers or capri pants. Don’t forget, a pirate must have a sword.


4. The Camouflage Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - The Camouflage Costume

Camouflage costumes would always fit in all sorts of events. Their nature is to blend in the environment. It’s not compulsory that the camouflage costume should be just like the ones they wear in armed forces. You can make yourself the center of attention by wearing a sexy hot zipper on the front and a matching hat with a cat suit. This is as sexy as it gets and people won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you.


3. The Traditional American Temptress

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - The Traditional American Temptress

Yes, the traditional American Temptress costume is still here. It doesn’t seem to be going off the list anytime soon as it has maintained its place in the list of the sexiest Halloween costumes for years. A faux Suede style mini dress with fringe details and a hood attached to it is one of the hottest deals in costumes for Halloween parties. You can be the lady of the night by wearing it at a Halloween party and your girlfriends are going to love it. This Native American theme costume might not be that scary, but it definitely is sexy.


2. Naughty/Scary Nurse Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - Naughty-Scary Nurse Costume

Nurses are known to be helpful when you need medical attention. But what if the nurses go bad and scary? Who would then look after you in your need of medical attention? Yes, this is one great idea for a sexy Halloween costume for women. You can dress up as a hot, sexy nurse. The only thing different than usual would be your scary look. You aren’t going to be just another average nurse, but you’ll be the devilish nurse who’ll be taking the hearts of the ones who dare put their eyes on her sexy hot costume.


1. Sexy/Hot Swat Agent

Sexiest Halloween Costume 2015 - Sexy-Hot Swat Agent

In times of great consequences of zombie apocalypse, the only ones who can lead the human race towards living against the living dead are the highly trained security personals such as the SWAT. And Halloween is basically about fighting back against the evil, devils, ghosts and the undead. So why not be a SWAT member, only sexier, and save the world. You can easily get your hands on a SWAT uniform but getting a sexy and hot one is the real deal. Grab some tight pants and a half-sleeve top with the SWAT color theme. Open up a couple of top buttons and put on a bright and bold lipstick. That’s all you need to be the sexiest Halloween woman in the crowd.

These were the top suggestions for best and the sexiest Halloween costumes for this year’s Halloween parties and events. There isn’t much time left as October is about to start, so begin preparing your costumes and makeup to make sure that you are the sexiest costume wearing woman among your friends.

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