Prince William “Elated” at the Birth of His First Royal Baby Boy

Hello Folks! Here we go with great news that you all might have been waiting for regarding the royal family.  Well yes! Royal Family is something everyone looks forward to for recent happenings. So Ladies and Gentlemen a recent bash is that a Baby Boy” entered into the family at 4: 24 pm on 22nd July, 2013. Prince William himself revealed the mega news of his first child.  The news was first of all broken using an email which was read in front of press and cameras outside the hospital. 

So here we have Prince William "Elated" at the Birth of His First Royal Baby Boy.

Well, as far as the news is concerned, people have already been booking since the news of Kate Middleton’s expecting the Royal Family Prince. The bookies all around the world have been booking since then in every step; whether it is the date, the time, the name, or the gender of the prince.

So here we have Prince William "Elated" at the Birth of His First Royal Baby Boy.

The Bookies have booked millions of dollars on the name of the baby and majority of the people say that the royal family would name the baby George”. We cannot say anything for sure but we are sure enough that everyone is happy and looking forward to seeing what the baby looks like. Everyone is desperately waiting for the public display of the innocent child.

Since the child’s birth, London is celebrating the arrival of the future king (although there is a long list of princes eligible for king including Prince Charles). Everyone has been gathering at the palace with lights and blue banners. The notice displaying the arrival of the prince in the family has been displayed outside the palace which remains there after the second the child was born.

Not only are people gossiping about the names and future happenings regarding the child, but people are also pondering upon the qualities that the nanny must have for the upbringing of the prince. Ladies have been waiting desperately for the news of the nanny with a dream that they might serve the royal family.

So here we have Prince William "Elated" at the Birth of His First Royal Baby Boy.

Well, we have the answer for that as well. Norland College is the most sophisticated and the most elite college for training nannies. Different famous celebrities and even the royal family have a history of hiring the nanny for the services from this institute. The college offers a three year rigorous course and consists of heavy fee deposits, but once the girl (nanny) graduates, she can earn a lot due to her sophisticated personality and decent brought up. So according to our prediction- which might be false as we can only predict things” the nanny of the future king would also be selected from this prestigious institution.

Apart from all the latest happenings regarding bookies and fights, the important thing is that London has been provided once again with a first baby boy like a generation before. And Friends! Not only London, but the whole world is celebrating the news, as talking about Princes and Kings look like a fairy tale and everyone of us has been blessed with this fairy tale to live with us for years and years!!!

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