Most Fashionable Handbags In This Summer 2013

It is rightly said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But still women do not ponder much upon this proverb and try to look pretty in every possible way and through every possible means they could. And they definitely must struggle for their beauty; after all it is their very right. Now you must know that having the appropriate accessories with your dress is vital for looking pretty. Of all the other accessories, handbags play an important role in shaping your personality. Choosing an appropriate handbag according to the outfit, occasion, physique and most importantly the season is the deciding factor of your beauty. Your fashion sense must be grown enough to choose a right bag for yourself. So what are you buying this season? Read this article and get some help about the handbags in trend this summer. Here we have some Most Fashionable Handbags In This Summer 2013 .


Colors of the Bags This Summer:

When it comes to choosing the trendy color this summer, then do keep in mind pretty ladies that vibrant, bright and elegant colors are in fashion this summer. You can buy a bright red, apple green, neon, or deep blue, light mustard, pure white, orange, peach, yellow, cobalt, black or light brown. All these colors are loved these days and going for them would be a trendy option. But if you ask my opinion, then you must go for neon, mustard, red, yellow, cobalt and apple green. These are the new additions this summer and you must experience this change in your style.



Types of Bags This Summer:

Well, when it comes to what types of bags you must carry this summer, then having an overview of the recent bag types in fashion is really necessary. So let me tell you few bag types and bag sizes in limelight nowadays.


  • Clutches

Everyone might be aware about clutches. But for those who do not know what they are, let me tell you that these are basically hand held bags that may have a long shoulder strap or no strap. These are the trendiest bags this year and come in different vibrant colors as mentioned above. These clutches can be rectangular, square shaped, round shaped. They can also be big or small and both of these types are gorgeous. But if you need my advice, then go for a big simple bright colored clutch if your dress is plain and go for a small simple elegant bag when your dress is heavy.


  • Box Clutch or Cigar Box

Yes! This is something you all need to buy this summer as this is a very different addition into the style vista. Cigar boxes are small hard box like clutches that are elegant and decent. The more common colors of box clutches are the same as those I mentioned.



  • Hobo Bags

Although you might not have seen this kind in common, but let me assure you that within few months, these bags would be the trendiest and loved ones. So what are hobo bags? Well, these bags are like a moon; with a crescent of the moon as the bag and the other half as a strap. They are a recent and a great creation. So if you want to beat others in fashion, start buying Hobo bags now because when they would become common, you would be remembered as the pioneer of the fashion statement.



  • Baguettes or Chic Totes

These are also in fashion this summer. These are hand held wide bags, just like the big fluffy bags last summer. But the difference is that those bulky bags were the shoulder bags and these wide bags are to be held in your hand or carried by the wrist while you walk. So go grab one of these type friends!



  • Field Bags

For those who need a bag for work, field bags are the best option. But for a gathering this is not the right option. So stick to them only if you need a trendy bag for work.


  • Duffle Bags

Although not used commonly, but these bags are for sure stylish. They are actually the same as those bags used for travelling. Students and models more commonly love them and prefer them. So if you are confused about choosing a bag, then going for this option might be nice.



Pattern on the Bags This Summer

It is also important to know what patterns are preferred this summer. Whether the simple plain bags are in trend or patterned ones? So the answer is ladies that go for patterned bags this summer. The patterns in trend are mostly the; crocodile patterns, inter woven patterns, black and white graphic pattern, and the check patterns. Go for a “check or an interwoven pattern” if you grab the opportunity.




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