Most Effective Beauty Tips For Teenagers

“It is fun to be young”, why is it so? it is definitely because when you are a teen you have fresh skin, beautiful hairs, glowing eyes, flexibility. All these things make your life full of fun. But this teen beauty has to be maintained. Once you do not take care of your skin and hairs, you can easily loose the beauty and freshness. To look younger, follow some easy tips at home. No need of facials or hair treatments at beauty salons. Just some easy approachable tips to be followed and you are done. Here we have Most Effective Beauty Tips for Teenagers. Read this article for beauty tips and follow them solemnly.

1. Glowing Skin

Most Effective Beauty Tips for Teenagers - glowing skin

Skin plays an important role in the overall outlook of a person. So taking care of your skin is the first and the foremost step. And then maintaining it is rather another important step. To depict a glossy and fresh effect from your skin, here are some simple and easy to do tips.

  • Diet Tips

Keep the track of the seasonal fruits and vegetables in town and take them on daily basis. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They have nutrients which provides glow. Instead of lingering towards the junk or fried food, run after the nutritious dietary products mentioned above.

  • Hydrate your Skin:

When your skin becomes dull and dirty, it is obvious that water is missing somewhere. Drink plenty of water specifically mineral water. Also, wash your face at least five times a day. And then apply some whitening lotion. All these steps would hydrate your skin well.


2. Makeup Tips

Most Effective Beauty Tips for Teenagers - Makeup Tips

Makeup should be done with a lot of care. When you are a teen you must have a light shade lip gloss, a liner and a Kohl pencil in your bag. Some dos and don’ts are described here.

  • Never Ever buy any makeup product without testing. Whether it is a foundation or a powder, always apply it on your skin first and see, if it is giving a perfect match with your skin tone buy it.
  • Have a look at your features and decide which one should be enhanced and which one should not be. For example if your eyes are pretty, make them more attractive by using liner or mascara. Gloss your lips if you have alluring moderate lips.
  • It is a good practice to apply sunscreen before applying makeup. Even apply it on daily basis.
  • Always pat concealer or foundation with fingers. Never rub them on your face and avoid using sponge.
  • Smoky eyes? No baby, you are young and should look young. Do not go for smoky eyes or dark shades lipsticks and eye shades.
  • Read it twice. Never apply foundation on your skin if you have acne problems.


3. Shiny Hairs

Most Effective Beauty Tips for Teenagers - Shiny Hairs

If your hair looks beautiful, I am sure, you would be looking beautiful, even if your outfit is not that much trendy. To get a shine in your hair, follow these tips.

  • Your scalp needs oiling on regular basis.  Apply oil for at least three hours twice a week.
  • Wash your hairs with Luke warm water but make sure that the last rinse should be of cold water.
  • Apply shampoo on the scalp and conditioner on the tips of your hairs. If you would not follow this rule, then shampoo at the tips would take out all the natural oils from your hair and conditioner on the scalp would give a greasy effect.
  • Do not shampoo your hairs on daily basis. Apply shampoo every other day. Otherwise your hair would become fizzy.
  • Do not comb your hair after washing them. If you do so you would break them up. Brush your hairs gently once they have dried.
  • Hairstyles:

Once you are done with the hair treatment, ponder upon the latest hairstyles. Get a suitable hair cut which suits your face structure. As you are teen so you should go with simple and quick hairstyles.

In your early teens, using colorful clips and hair bands would make your personality a little dandy. Try to make braids of different styles like snake braids, French braids etc. make loose, side or high pony tails.

In late teens, you can straight your hairs or give some loose curls with a straightener or a curler. Make sure you are using a ceramic plated gadget. And don’t forget to apply mouse or heat protector before any such operation.


4. Lip Care

Most Effective Beauty Tips for Teenagers - Lip Care

Lips are the most sensitive part present on your face. In teenage, they can get dry or bleed easily. Hence, special care must be taken regularly to make your lips hydrated.

  • Apply moisturizers like Vaseline or lip balm every day.
  • Never peel off the dry skin from your lips. This would prevent from damages.
  • Check the expiry date of your lipsticks or lip gloss.
  • Use honey or sugar as exfoliators.

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