Latest News About Olympics 2020

Latest News About Olympics 2020

For the entire sports lovers, I am here with the most hot gossips and news of this year. Yes, the Olympics 2020!  Although Olympics 2016 is at our doorsteps, but let me tell you the one in 2020 is getting more popularity due to some interesting news. Firstly, Olympics 2020 is being hosted by Japan, AGAIN (Japan would be hosting the 2016’s Olympics as well). Japan beat Istanbul and Madrid, the strong contestants, in voting by IOC (International Olympic Committee). Japan got highest of 60 votes against Istanbul. Istanbul was rejected mostly due to political instability there.  Olympics would be held from 24th July to 9th August 2020.

Latest News About Olympics 2020

Japan hosted the Olympics of 1964 and gained the post of being the first Asian country to host Olympics. And now Japan has also gained the title of the first Asian country of hosting Olympics twice. A total of 400 billion yen was set aside by the metropolitan government of Tokyo. According to the plan, a new and separate railway line is to be built between Haneda Airport and Narita Airport to lessen the time of approximately 20 minutes from Tokyo Station to both airports. National Olympic Stadium, Tokyo is specially reconstructed by spending a total of I billion dollar for Olympics 2020.

Seven different sports including karate, sport climbing, wakeboarding, roller sports, squash, baseball/softball and wrestling contested to be included in Olympics 2020. The three of them were strongly considered. Only wrestling got selected by IOC after getting 49 votes while squash secured 22 and baseball/softball secured 24 votes. The rest including squash and baseball/softball were rejected. See how much fighter lovers are there in this world.

Japan got hit by Tsunami in March 2011. It is reviewed that Olympics would help them to recover from the loss they faced during Tsunami. I wish Japan the very best of luck!!!

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