Interesting Facts About World Blood Donor Day

This world is so much big and has numerous countries in it, but there are only 62 countries where people donate blood voluntarily without any reward. These countries receive 100% blood supply from such enthusiastic and kind donors. In spite of these there are 40 countries that are dependent on family donors or paid ones. Approximately 92 million units of blood is collected each year world widely through unpaid donors. Blood transfusion is good for health and there is no any tension for donor. It is a safe thing as blood constituents died after their life span and new blood is automatically created in the body, so once you donate the blood, you might giving any one else the reason to live. World blood donor day is celebrated each year on 14 to realize the worth of blood donation, aware the people and thanks the unpaid donors. Blood donors face less blood born infections as compared to others. Who encourages people who are in good health state to donate blood and save others life as it is a gift for people who are fighting with death and your single blood donation can save their life and this is worthless so why to give paid blood donations? Do this act voluntarily for the sake of people and feel the happiness of saving any ones life, the ones doing this are the real heroes of the country .This year tenth anniversary of the world blood donation was marked in Paris and here are ten interesting facts about the World Blood Donor Day. 14Th of June, in the countries




10. Other Focuses

The basic purpose of the world blood donation day is to encourage and aware more people to donate blood for the welfare of people. This day focuses on convincing the people to regularly donate blood and thus increasing the safe supply of unpaid blood donors in the countries.


9. Facts supported by figures

Across the world there are only 62 countries that get 100% blood supply from the unpaid blood donors. However, only one percent population of any country is required to fulfill the basic blood requirement of that country. How minimal percentage is required but there are just 62 countries. Statistical values show that 92 million units of blood are collected every year internationally through unpaid donors.


8. Primary Intention

One of the interesting fact about the world blood day is its primary intention that is to give a chance of the people in the world to make a strong bond of harmony and volunteerism, to realize the people their responsibilities towards the humanity in improving and saving their lives. Aware and encourage people to enroll themselves as voluntary blood donors and different educational programs for supporting blood transfusion services. This day does not replace national blood days or weeks.


7. Four core Agencies that Support World Blood Day

The four core agencies that sponsor world blood day include the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Society of Blood Transfusion. The organization includes 193 member countries of WHO, 186 national Red Crescent and Red Cross societies, having more than 60 national blood donor organizations and almost 3000 blood transfusion specialists.

6. Yearly Theme

The World Blood Day is celebrated every day with a different theme. The purpose of the theme to focus on different issues related to blood donation. In 2011 the theme of the world blood day was more blood more life and this year the theme is give the gift of life in 2013.


5. A Day to Say Thank You

14th June the celebration of World Blood Day is the date of birth of honorable Karl 14 Landsteiner who was awarded by the Noble prize due to his discovery of ABO blood group system. This day is celebrated to thank the voluntary donors for their kind act and making a struggle in saving the life of others by donating their blood. This day make these donors more enthusiastic and daring to continue this act.


4. Target to save lives

This day identifies the polite donors who spend their precious time in donating blood and saving the lives of people. This donated blood is like a spark of life in some ones eyes as it helps these miserable patients in their treatment and recovery from such pathetic diseases. It plays an important role during surgery or in both perinatal and maternal care where a huge loss of blood requires immediate recovery.


3. History and Foundation

The world donor day was started in 2004, by the World Health Organization and the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. it is Celebrated every year on 14 June, providing an opportunity of global celebration for the nation. In 1983, the national blood transfusion was constituted and helping in research and education of advanced blood transfusion for the welfare of patients and donors.

2. A Global Observance

Different events are created world widely on world Donor day, in order to aware and encourage the people to volunteer blood donation and the benefits of safe blood supplies. The events held on this day include; blood donation clinics, concerts football matches and assorted types of fun activities.


1. Safe Blood

The most interesting fact about the world blood donor day is safe blood. Safe blood supplies are insufficient in developing countries except of 92 million units of blood donations. In third world countries, the demand of safe blood is increasing but the blood donations are not enough to fulfill the requirements. The blood ABO group system is used for the safe transfer of blood. Safe techniques and methods are used for transfusions saving the donors and the recipients both. These 10 Interesting Facts about World Blood Day may motivate you to donate blood and save the life and humanity.

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