How to Lose Weight in Few Days

You must have heard of this proverb a lot that “Health is Wealth”. Not only being healthy leads you to wealth but being healthy also leads you to a happy and trouble free life. Your weight counts a lot for being healthy. So if you are one those folks with bulk of weight or even if you are a little over weight, you must not take it easy. Extra weight not only just makes you sluggish, but it is also a cause of a lot of deadly diseases. If you are suffering from any weight issues, then there is a dire need to loosen it up. Here are some of the useful tips to lose weight in few days. All you have to do is, be consistent. Once you are determined, then by following these steps you would definitely accomplish your target. Here you can enjoy How to Lose Weight in Few Days with simple and best ways.


Diet Control:

 How to Loose Weight in Few Days

The first and the foremost step is control your diet. It does not means that you have to starve for the whole day. Let me tell you, “Starving does not lead to loosing of weight, rather gaining of weight”. So instead of starving control your diet in the following described ways.


1)      Minimize animal fats, sugars and starches and maximize vegetables, fruits and protein:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days eat begetables

Our mouth becomes watery by looking at the candies, cakes, fries, pastries, junks etc. But actually they are the major cause of increased weight. Have a control on your nerves and exclude all the meals containing fats and sugars. Instead increase the intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your life. They are rich in fibers and proteins and are considered as healthy diet. They would provide you energy without a gain in weight.


2)      Say no to Soft Drinks:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days, stop drininking soft drinks

Soft drinks not only just increase weight but are also unhealthy. They are on the top of the list of healthy and dangerous foods. Instead of spending money on these drinks, spend your coins on water and insure your life. Moreover, avoid sugary drinks and sodas as well and take water whenever you feel thirsty. Men are advised to take 3 liters (13 cups) of water while women should drink 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water daily. To reduce weight on a faster scale, include the usage of green tea at least once in your life.


3)      Be punctual in your meals:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days .

Now here comes the most important part. Take three meals a day at a particular time. And never dare to skip any meal. Eat small portions of meals the entire day. But the time should be same. Never eat anything just before sleeping. The calories would not be metabolized rather they would be converted into fats. And lastly follow this saying solemnly “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.


4)      Keep a track of your diet:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days.

As determination is very important so keep a track of what you eat every day. For this make a small notebook and note down the quantity and quality plus time of intake of meals. This would help you in keeping an eye on your daily diet which would turn to be useful.


With the help of Exercises:

With the help of Exercises

Exercise is yet another important feature as it helps in losing weight and keeping you healthy. Some small exercises which you can do on daily basis are described here.


1)     Hire a Trainer:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days, personal trainer

If it is possible, then it is advised that you must hire a professional trainer who would teach you different exercises on daily basis. He will also keep a record of your workout which would be a positive step and you would remain on track. You can also join a gym or an exercise center.


2)     Go for a Walk Daily:

Loose Weight in Few Days

To keep your body fit and healthy, walk is vital. Decide a time and go for a walk daily. Walking for 2 to 3 kilometers daily would serve the purpose. Your pace of walking must be faster. Going for a walk in the morning at dawn or at sunrise is the healthiest one. At this time, an air of freshness would enter in your body which would make your entire body healthy.


3)     Skipping:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days, skipping

Now if you cannot hire a trainer or cannot go out of your home, buy a skipping rope then. It is the easiest way to lose weight. For this, again decide a time and skip for at least an hour daily. At the start keep your pace low so that your body warms up. When a little sweating starts, increase the pace. I bet that through skipping you can burn a major portion of your fats.


4)      Swimming and Cycling:


Swimming is not mere a game but a type of exercise as well. It is said that swimming is the best form of exercise because all of your body parts are indulged in swimming. You could lose your weight with fun by swimming. Cycling is yet another form of exercise. Buy a bicycle and drive it with a concept of losing weight. You can also buy a Treadmill at home and work out on that as well. For all the exercising you do you must keep two things in mind. First never dare to skip your exercise for a single day even. It could do the opposite effect. Second exercise daily on the time you have decided no matter how much you are busy.


Medical Treatment:

How to Loose Weight in Few Days.

If you have solemnly followed the above steps and failed in your mission then you must see a physician. But remember this should be the last step. You could go with the following medical treatments.

  •  Pills:


There are some pills meant for the reduction of weight. But never ever dare to take any without consulting a doctor. This can cause harm if you take them on your own.

  •  Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgery which is meant to extract fats from your body through operation. Now again this would be under proper doctor’s guidance.

  • Bariatric Surgery

Another medical method is a surgery in which a band is inserted into the human body. To make it easy for you to understand let me tell the working of the band in easy words. The band works in a way that if you eat solid foods or big bites, the band stops the food and allows a small amount of food to pass through. This leads to a feeling of full belly and you stop eating thus eventually reducing the weight.

These medical would reduce your weight within few days but they are risky. So keep these ways your last choice and go for them only when there is no way out and your weight is becoming dangerous for your health and life. These are the best tips Lose Weight in Few Days

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