How To Exercise Your Brain To Make It Strong?

Today everyone wants to be fit, sharp and healthy but there are many challenges as well which one have to face every day, so one must be strong enough to meet those challenges efficiently. Maintaining a healthy brain is an important part of healthy living. It is rightly said that ‘Exercise relieves stress but nothing relieves exercise’. It means that exercise is really very important part of life, especially brain exercise plays a great role to make you healthy and help in your cognition, affect your mood, alertness and feeling of positive well being. Strong brain helps you to perform well in every field.

How to exercise your brain to make it strong?

So we have a complete but concise package to make your brain strong and fit. Let’s have a look on those few magical tips:


  • Have a regular physical exercise 

Have a regular physical exercise

An early morning walk is really a blessing for the whole day. Physical exercise directly affects your mental ability. Your brain muscles are also similar to the rest of the muscles in your body so you should do exercise to increase the growth of muscle cells. As while running on a treadmill, your heart and lungs respond fast and make your brain strong with each step. Added to this, Aerobic exercise and yoga create significantly positive effect on brain functions. You might have heard that “exercise is like prose whereas yoga is the poetry of movement, once you understand the grammar of yoga; you can write your poetry of movement”. So you must spend at least 30 minutes in physical exercise everyday for your mental fitness. Regular exercise help to reduce your stress level and enhance your cognitive pattern and you will develop a positive attitude about everything.


  • Nutritional Brain Boosters 

Nutritional Brain Boosters

World’s best health advisors and nutritionists recommend that ‘Never leave your breakfast, as it is essential for your brain to work efficiently and a strong body makes a strong brain’. Healthy and balanced diet promotes a stronger brain. Try to adopt healthy eating pattern like you must take food with omega-3 fatty acid, don’t eat much sugary snacks and junk food, add blueberries and strawberries in your diet chart to make your brain focused- as strawberries are the rich source of fiber, vitamin c and potassium. You should consider a healthy eating chart for your best mental health.


  • Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing

Your brain cells need a lot of fresh air and oxygen to work efficiently so breathe deeply in fresh air. It makes your mind fresh and helps to protect you from many diseases. Moreover deep breathing also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety level. As slow breathing helps to activate the hypothalamus and it later inhibits the stress producing hormones and makes you relax.


  • Play Mind-Based Games 

games to enhance brain

Play games like puzzle, cross words, word search, chess, scrabble and video games etc. It will help to increase your cognitive abilities, improve your thinking and memory skills. As our brain is so efficient and it responds to every stimulus we gave to it. So such type of games deals with logic, reasoning and deduction so it will make your cognition strong and improves the processing speed of your brain. Moreover, computer games also help to develop your logic and organizational skills.


  • Habit Of Reading And Writing 

Play Mind-Based Games

Try to adopt the habit of reading and writing. Read whatever you want, read the storybooks, literature, newspaper, articles, magazines etc. Reading factual information and try to remember it, is also a healthy activity to make your brain strong. Writing is one of the relaxing exercises and medium of expressing your ideas.


  • Explore Your Creative Side 

Explore Your Creative Side

Today modern advancement gave a new dimension about creativity; everyone has a creative sense in his or her own way. So you must explore your hidden creativity and express it in any way, many research studies found that there is a direct link of creativity and your cognitive functions of the brain.


  • Use Your Working Memory 

Use Your Working Memory

When you get up in the morning, you should make the list of the tasks you are going to do in the whole day or plan your task list in your mind. It will help to stimulate your working memory. Then try to perform your task according to your list in order but if you are interrupted by an emergency then revisit your list and try to arrange it again by using your working memory. This will help you enhance your mental functioning, control on time management and planning of the tasks in a right way. But every day you should make a new schedule list according to your situation.


  • Avoid Stress 

Avoid Stress

Try to be calm and relax in every circumstance and never try to solve major problems when you are stressed out. Avoiding stress could serve as one of the best options in relaxing your brain and making it strong- as stress is a serious problem in itself.

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