Emergence of an Island at Gwadar Coast: A Miracle Indeed

Emergence of an Island at Gwadar Coast: A Miracle Indeed

Baluchistan (Quetta): An earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit areas of Baluchistan on Tuesday, 24th September, 2013. An island emerged off the Gwadar Coast as a result.

Life is full of miracles and we have witnessed such events many times. One such miracle occurred when the earthquake hit Baluchistan- Awaran area being the epicenter of earthquake. About half an hour after the earthquake, a mud island was seen with a height of 60 to 80 feet and a length of 120 feet and a width of 300 feet.

Emergence of an Island at Gwadar Coast A Miracle Indeed

Considerable news is the outburst of mysterious gases from the island and the water around. It is usually normal that when islands emerge, they do releases gases like methane which are present in frozen form underneath sea. Some reports say that the methane gas is released due to the fissures present as one can see the bubbles in the water. But a strange fact is that apart from methane gases, some other gas releases are also reported. A recent US geological survey says that methane gas in this area is frozen, offshore and deeper, so it is proposed that these gases are not releasing and most probably the gases being released are Carbon di oxide.

An interesting thing is that a flash is created when a cigarette is lit in the mud island area, which might testify that the methane is released but sources do claim the release of carbon di oxide as well. Moreover, Dr. Tabrez warns the inhabitants to go near the island and warns to avoid even the shore, as few movements have been observed in the sea bed below.

National Geographic puts it in “a transient feature” of the nature. They regard this as a common phenomenon which is generally observed whenever earthquakes and volcanoes occur. A reason behind this- which national geographic proclaims- is that quakes and volcanoes shake the earth and the mud underneath and this mud accumulates hence leading to a heap of mud and rocks forming islands. They additionally said that such accumulations remain for few months and then they dissolve in the water hence disappearing. They also claim that this island would also disappear after few months.

God knows what happens next, but this is such amazing news. At least something did appear out of nowhere and whatever logics we present, this is indeed a miracle of nature!!!

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