Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016

Valentine day is here again with all the love and affection in the air. All the couples whether new or old wait for the day to celebrate and appraise the love they share plus to cherish the moments they have had together in their journey. Each member of the couple likes to surprise their better halves, soul mates with the best they can. So Valentine’s gifts are a top notch thing to decide to make their loved ones happy. Here is a list of the Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016. A shout out to all the wives to gather what they can to make their husbands love you even more after this Valentine’s Day!


10. Fancy Journal Book

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 -

This may sound a little nerdy and serious for Valentine’s but this gift can bring out all the hidden love for you. This fancy journal book provides your husband some extra space for expressing anything he is going through and what he feels. One thing which can be the cherry on top is if you write a personal note for him inside the book.


9. Beard Trimming Machine

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Beard Trimming Machine

Facial hair is a trend nowadays. All of the men are up for the maintenance of their beards and in this scenario if your husband has a beard then this beard trimming machine is all what you need as a big gift. This practical yet really helpful present is definitely going to make your Valentine’s gift worth the shot.


8. Customized Chocolate Brownies

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Customized Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate has always been the symbol of love. Why not try this Valentine’s. If your husband is a lover of chocolate then make him happy with the best thing he can have but the best part about this gift is that it is not just an ordinary chocolate brownie, in fact a customized one, with a small picture of you people together or any auspicious moment you as a couple share. This is assuredly going to be one of the comeliest surprises for your husband.


7. Customized mugs

Customized mugs

One of the trendiest of gifts we have is the customized mug. If you surprise your husband with a beautiful mug having a picture of one your admired instants on that mug with some quote written or it can be any pick up line of your husband then he is definitely going to remember the day as well the gift forever.


6. Combination of spa products

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Combination of spa products

If your husband has been really working hard for the past few years and not having time for himself then let him realize to slow down a bit and freshen up. This Valentine’s, pamper your husband with a combo of spa products and he will know that he has been watched over. Moreover, your husband can be more clad and renewed.


5. A book

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - A book

Now for all those husbands who like to read even a little bit before they go to sleep or after work or while travelling, then this gift is the best for them. This should not be some horror or investigation series, rather try some cheery romantic series according to your husbands taste which can soften his mood this Valentine ’s Day or it can a book describing the fun facts for all those husbands who have got the paternity certificate just recently. This will surely have them laughing for all of their sweet acts.


4. Canvas of a collage photo

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Canvas of a collage photo

Every couple has their best and loveliest moments captured in their cameras. Now let’s cherish those memories for a while and make them new again. For this the best idea is to have a customized frame or canvas with a collage picture having little pictures of all the past moments, ups and downs you have been together. This gift is surely going to move your husband and make him realize the journey you people have traveled together.


3. Gadget

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Gadget

Keeping aside some lovely things and emotion packed stuff, let’s think over for the wives who have got husbands who love nothing but the latest gadgets. May it be a latest mobile phone in the market, most advanced laptop or a tablet or some robotic technology for the daily chores and you think that your husband has been avoiding buying any of them due to the expensive tag of the gadgets. Then this is the best time to use your savings and turn their ultimate dream come true with something extraordinary and making them the happiest ones.


2. Cologne

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Cologne

Nothing looks dull and boring when you feel the sweetest of fragrances around. Here it is something which is definitely going to make your husband ‘Awed’ as soon as he gets his ultra-favorite perfume in your hands for his gift. For a person who loves fragrances, the décor of the gift can be having your perfume bottle delicately and beautifully wrapped in your husband’s favorite flower bouquet. This is definitely going to give him sparkling eyes for your love and his love for perfumes.


1. Trendy Cufflinks

Best Valentines Day Gifts For Husband 2016 - Trendy Cufflinks

After reaching out for all those who have some interesting sides of their lives now let’s jump for those husbands who are work-a-holic. Office has been an utmost priority for them. Not to worry for your husband’s gift this Valentine’s because surprising him with what he trends on the most is going to be the best surprise which can be a pair of cuff-links. These cuff-links can be of wide variety. Nowadays, literary book writing cuff-links are also available or some customized stuff is also there which you can have with your names on it. Whenever he is away for work, these customized cuff-links are going to be a short note of remembrance of this day as well as you and it might trigger your husband to make a call for you every time he looks at the cuff-link.

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