Best And Most Affordable Christmas Gifts 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are panicking over what to give to our loved ones on this occasion. Gifts mean a lot on Christmas and giving the right gift to the right kind of people is equally important. However, there is another integral concern which is the price. It is important that good quality presents are given but they have to be cheap too as presents for family and friends have to be bought and one can easily go broke if wise buying is not done. Here is a list of best and most affordable Christmas gifts 2015.


10. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

One of the most useful and inexpensive gifts to give on Christmas to family and friends are coffee mugs. You can get them off the rack or even get them custom made for your loved ones at a very minimal price. These coffee mugs can actually save you a fortune and can serve to b multi functional as they can be used as a decoration piece as well apart from being used to drink coffee from.


9. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles are available in all stores and they come in beautiful designs. It actually becomes hard to pick a few as they come in various fragrances, colors, shapes and sizes. You could pick scented candles to give someone on Christmas and even match it with their home’s or any particular room’s theme. This will add a very personalized touch to your Christmas present and you would not have to spend too much as well.


8. A Pack of Salted or Sweetened Nuts

A Pack of Salted or Sweetened Nuts

It is Christmas season with the lovely snow surrounding almost everyone, there is nothing better than giving someone a nice box of nuts, especially the ones they like. These boxes also come in various sizes and price ranges so you can choose one according to what suits you best. Just make sure you do not give someone this box of nuts who is allergic to them as you would not want to turn their Christmas into a disaster! These nuts can be munched on at Christmas parties after dinner or even after the Christmas holidays have ended, one can take them to lunch as they are great for munching without gaining weight.


7. A Hand Knitted – Woven Scarf

A Hand Knitted - Woven Scarf

Nothing can ever beat the love and warmth that is spread when you give someone anything that you have knitted yourself. It could be anything like socks, scarves, caps, mufflers etc. it definitely will take some time to get the piece knitted and it will take a lot of your patience but this is an excellent Christmas present which is not at all expensive and will definitely be loved by anyone who gets its. The reason is that it would make the person feel special and after all, Christmas is all about making people feel good.


6. Someone’s Favorite Book

Someone’s Favorite Book

One of the most thoughtful useful and loved Christmas presents is a book. It is indeed a man’s best friend and if you have someone in your life who loves to read books then your task is done. Just get a grab on his/her most wanted book from a nearby book store and if the price of the book does not suit you, you could always pick a cheaper book. Even a recipe book or a travelogue would be great for people who like cooking or travelling. Just see your budget and make the right move according to who you want to give the book to.


5. Gift Cards – Vouchers

Gift Cards - Vouchers

Whenever Christmas is around the corner, many brands including clothing stores, technology stores, book stores and even coffee shops come up with gift cards and vouchers. If you do not have much to spend on gifts and want to give someone something good on Christmas, gift cards are an excellent option. You gift according to the likes of the person for example someone might like having coffee and you could give him/her a gift card of their favorite coffee shop. This way you will know that your money has not been wasted and the person definitely likes what you got them.


4. A Hand-Made Christmas Card

A Hand-Made Christmas Card

If you know someone who appreciate art in all forms and would love for people to do something for them in an artistic way then here is your best chance. You could explore your artistic game and without even spending much come up with a handmade Christmas card, this is again one of the most thoughtful presents for Christmas which would not require a big sum of money but will definitely require your patience. You could add personalized statements and pictures in the card to make it even better for the receiver.


3. Phone Case

Phone Case

Now who does not use a phone and who does not want to protect it without making the phone look ugly? Get your loved ones phone cases, preferably the ones which go with either their personality or the Christmas theme. Phone covers are very easily available at stores and the best part is that they are not expensive at all. You will get a wide range of designs to choose from or even order one online as there are excellent pieces available on the web.


2. Table Mats

Table Mats]

All households make use of table mats and they are extremely affordable to buy too. What you can do is pick the ones which go with the theme of your friend’s or family member’s any particular room where the table mats would be used. There are plenty of colors, shapes and designs to choose from. If you do not think table mats are enough, you could also give Christmas themed coasters. These two things can be excellent Christmas presents for someone who has a keen interest in keeping the home in a good shape.


1. Board Games

Board Games

Board games can actually be one of the most fun presents to give on Christmas. If your friends have a preference in board games, you can pick their favorite one. They are cheap and super exciting to play so when you gift your friend the board game on Christmas, you all could actually take a round of play and enjoy the after Christmas dinner fun. The best part is that board games will not sit in a shelf as many people actually love playing them.

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