America’s Most Favorite Singers In 2013

Life would be so colorless without entertainment. Certainly afore mentioned statement is 100% true. And of all the departments of entertainment, music is the field loved by all. No matter what the age group is, songs always allure the listeners and force them to enjoy with the lyrics. The music industry is increasing day by day and people are adopting it as a profession now. I must say, those who professionally take singing as their career succeed by leaps and bounds and their work represents quality. Listeners also go for the masterpieces. And when they search for wonders in music, they develop special interests in some singers. Here is a list of Americans most favorite singers in 2013. Compare your favorites with the standard we are providing.


5) Justin Bieber

Americans Most Favorite Singers

This Canadian singer, who is also a song writer and an actor, controls the heartbeats of many teenagers. His popularity among girls is not hidden. His success story starts from YouTube. Scooter Braun discovered this talented guy and later became his manager. Of all the songs, “Baby” is still one of the best numbers he has ever delivered.


4) Rihanna

Americans Favorite Singers

Rihanna is a Pop Queen who- I am sure- exists in the favorite’s list of every folk. Unapologetic (her album released in 2012) holds the credit to take her to the boundaries of popularity. She was rewarded with Grammy Award on her music video “We Found Love”. She holds a record of selling 3,868,000 records of her album in 2012 and took first place in BRIT Awards 2013.


3) Pitbull

3rd Americans Most Favorite Singers

Pitbull’s real name is Armando Christian Perez and is a famous rapper, song writer and producer. His very first album M.I.A.M.I is simply unforgettable. After that, he has given hits over hits. If you haven’t listened to Papi, Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), Bumpy Ride, Video Phone or How Low; you must have been living in a cave then. Why he is famous amongst the Americans? The reason is that he is a superb stage performer. He provides soundtracks to the films as well. You just name any blockbuster film, and you would found him there as a music director. He has got a charisma in his personality.


2. Michael Jackson

Americans Most Favorite Singer number 2 Micheal Jackson

Some die and remain unknown. Some die and make history. This legend with long black hairs and high pitched voice is no more with us. But his name is written in golden words in the history. One of the finest musicians and dancers; Michael Jackson is still alive in the hearts of the people. There would be hardly any person at present; who is not having any of the Jackson’s songs in his playlist. People still adore his songs with moonwalk. His best hit albums are “Thriller”, “Dangerous” and “BAD”. He made a record of having 5 number 1 hits from a single album (BAD) until Katy Perry broke it.


1. Lady Gaga

Americans Most Favorite Singer In 2013 is Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is no less than a magical wand. She sings and makes hits. She is talented, creative and committed. All these features of her make a perfect amalgam and make her famous. I bet you, all of you must have heard her “Bad Romance” especially after this song won an Oscar. “Paparazi”, “Judas”, “Born This Way” and “Alejandro” must also be amongst your favorites. No matter whatever scandals we listen every other day against her or criticism against her videos, she is still being heard by the Americans the most.  She is in the limelight these days. Tune up your radios, wear your headphones and listen to Gaga. You would end up dancing, I bet. Want to know more about this Lady? Wait…!! You would soon be watching a film on the life of Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson. Americans Most Favorite Singer In 2013 is Lady Gaga.

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