9 Best Fragrances For Women In 2013

Women are considered to be a symbol of beauty and delicacy. Their enchanting and sparkling and captivating personalities make them the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are beautiful, elegant and they do all what makes them look much more presentable and glamorous. Dressing up is one major thing which they carry out in the best possible manner. Dressing not only means in terms of wearing clothes, but it includes wearing cosmetics, shoes and even perfumes. The fragrance a woman wears is one of the most essential things that boosts up her confidence and adds to her sparkling personality. Wearing perfume constitutes an important part of women’s fashion, and most use a perfume that suits their personality and then stick to it. With fragrance industry getting too far away we have brought you a list of 9 Best Fragrances for Women in 2013 that have been given below for you to get inspired by. You can, then, pick a scent of your own choice that will surely add up to your personality. So here’s the 9 Best Fragrances for Women in 2013  that will impress you to the most.


9: Alfred Sung –Shi

Alfred Sung –Shi

Shi from Alfred Sung is a perfume possessing romantic smell having all the feminine factors. It makes a women go irresistible to wear and can cause a man fall in love with her. It has the power to seduce the senses empowering women and boosting up her oozing confidence.


8: Donna Karen – Cashmere Mist

Donna Karen - Cashmere Mist

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen is one high end perfume of this brand that is women’s all time favorite. It is priced at $77 and has a touch of old grandeur. The pure, strong and seductive fragrance of this perfume captivates one’s senses attracting towards the scent.


7: Kiss Her

9 Best Fragrances For Women In 2013, Kiss Her

It is another prominent brand of all times and Kiss Her is one alluring perfumes by it which attracts many hearts. It costs $19 and spots a good rank in the list of the best fragrances for women in 2013. It brings quick arousal in men, one of the reasons why it has a high demand in the market.


6: Marc Jacobs – Daisy

Marc Jacobs – Daisy

Main Elements: citrus, fruity,  floral, rose and sweet.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is one such perfume that has a fresh smell full of joy. It has a type of smell that is personal and not seductive, yet exuberant. The perfume has a touch of innocence and is priced at $65. The smell is inclusive of vintage character that gives a class to a women’s personality.


5: Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most liked ad popular brands among adults and little ones. Tommy Girl is one much alluring perfume of this brand and its scent is a lot tempting. Tommy girl is fresh and looks much appealing, also, in its packing. It is a scent that women rate among their best choices and prefers wearing it because of its freshness and irresistible attribute. It is priced at $55-$95.


4: Gucci – Gucci Rush

Best Fragrances For Women In 2013, Gucci – Gucci Rush

Main Elements: aromatic, white floral,  earthy, patchouli, vanilla,  and fruity.

Gucci is one such brand which provides a variety of perfumes which have proved themselves to be a women’s favorite choice. You can use Gucci perfume for all occasions as well as can wear it on a daily basis. It has got a pure fragrance and this Italian brand has gained much popularity in the fashion industry. Women prefer Gucci over other brands because of its good quality products and fashionable items. This scent suits best for all times and you can make it your daily wear. It has a price tag of $63.


3: CK – Obsession

9 Best Fragrances For Women In 2013, CK – Obsession

Main Elements: powdery, warm spicy, woody, balmy, amber and musky.

CK; Calvin Klenin is one of the most popular brands of all times. Obsession from CK is a perfume that is not made out of a mixture of different scents but it has its own freshness that can be felt by its smell. The fragrance it possesses is strong and alluring that attracts many hearts and minds. Obsession perfume is good for your formal parties and occasions making them memorable ones. This is something that women look for in their dressing items and a desire for a stronger fragrance like one.


2: Chanel – Coco Noir

Chanel – Coco Noir

Chanel – Coco Noir!!! Need we say any more?? It is surely one of the top choices of every woman. This is a type of perfume which every woman adds to her wish list and more precisely in her “Need this in life” list. Despite it being released in the year 2012, it still ranks the best and top one in our list of 9 Best Fragrances for Women in 2013. It has a price tag of $112 and still ranks among the tops, worldwide. Coco Noir has got a sensual smell that will entice every woman to wear it. It has got more of the vintage glory and adds to the oomph of a woman. It, thus, seduces one’s senses in the most beautiful way.


1: Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb

Main Elements: floral, patchouli, white floral, rose, green,  and citrus.

Flowerbomb is one of the divine perfumes by Viktor & Rolf that has a price tag of $120 and the smell of it is very seductive. Not only is its smell very much enticing, but also is its packing which is quite captivating and catches the eyes of many. Flowerbomb is one such perfume that will draw people closer to the one wearing it. The black rose strapped packing on a pink bottle looks much appealing and one is sure to grab this at the first sight. This perfume is very much popular among women.

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