10 Most Handsome Korean Male Idols 2015

Usually the criterion of beauty among men is considered to be tall, dark and handsome but if we see the male idols of Korea so the picture is completely different.These Korean male idols are handsome and beautiful in their own way making all the girls going crazy about them. With their small-eyes which is drawn into a line when they smile makes them more adorable. But they not only have an apparent beauty but their talent is what is driving everyone mad about their personalities. They are great performers in music, acting, dancing and every other media aspect. They need to have this talent and an attractive splendor for enticing the audiences from all over the world. So here is the list of  10 Most handsome Korean male idols  2015.


10. Choi Seung-hyun

Choi Seung-hyun

Choi Seung-hyun is known by his stage name of T.O.P. He is a very multitalented person with being a rapper, song writer, singer and an actor. Along with these talents and being the member of the band “Big Bang” and being casted in many dramas, he has the looks and personality making him to take this position among a large number of stars in South Korea.


9. Choi Min-ho

Choi Min-ho

He is the jack of all the trades. He is also a part of the boys’ group ‘The Shinee’, making this group an apple of all the girls’ pie! He is a rapper, singer, presenter, model and what not. He has a huge fan following which is not restricted to Korea instead Cambodian girls also fall in this category.


8. Siwon Suju

Siwon Suju

Siwon Suju, whose full name is Choi Si-won. He is the member of Super Junior boy Band. He has got looks, attitude moreover he is a sheer talent puppet. He is one of those four stars of South Korean who appeared on Chinese Postage stamps. He is an actor and a singer as well. He made many appearances on TV dramas which added a huge number of his fans. He has been a model as well and has worked in many commercials. He was starred in an SBS drama “oh! My lady”. His songs, ‘What is love’, ‘timeless’, ‘I will’, ‘firefly’, ‘S.E.O.U.L.’, ‘motorcycle’ and ‘hoot’ are top ranked songs of Siwon. Among the films, he had done ‘A battle of Wits’, ‘Attack on the pin-up boys’, ‘I AM’, ‘Dragon Blade’, and ‘Helios’.


7. Lee Teuk

Lee Teuk

His original name is Park Jeong-su. He is a singer, song-writer and an actor as well. This young male from South Korea is a member of ‘K-pop boy Band super junior’. Fans are always crazy for a person who is a real gem in his real life as well and that makes Lee Teuk favorite among the masses. He is a friendly natured person. Starting his career from 2005 and till the date, he has done many dramas, songs and albums and has been among the top ranked South Korean idols.


6. Kim Jong Hyun

Kim Jong Hyun

Most commonly he is known as Jonhyun. This man is a singer and song writer as well. With good looks and an attractive personality he is the main vocalist of the band ‘The Shinee’ and the member of the Ballad group, “S.M.The Ballad”.


5. Jang Keung-Suk

Jang Keung-Suk

This guy had such a potential for fashion industry that his career started when he was just 5. Then with time he gained fame in modelling as well acting. He did his debut in a sitcom named “selling happiness”. He also is a shining star in singing. Some dramas in which he starred came out to be the reason of his fame, these include, “Mary stayed out all night”, “Beethoven Virus”, and “You are beautiful”, “Pretty Man”, “Love Rain”. He also did a Japanese film “One missed call: Final” in 2006. He has been a co-host as well. These talents along with good looks, personality and beauty make him grabbing the top position in Korean idols.


4. Kim Hyun-Joong

Kim Hyun-Joong

This South Korean Star is a full package in him, being the entertainer, actor and the main rapper of SS501 which is a band of boys. He gained popularity by a few roles he did in different dramas. One of them is the role of Yoon Ji-hoo, which he played in a drama named Over Flowers. Then in a drama named Playful Kiss he did the role of Baek Seung-jo. Both of these characters made him win Awards. Then later on he joined SS501, which added to the huge fan following.


3. Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jae-Joong is a perfect example of talent with beauty. He is an actor, director, designer, singer and songwriter. He is known best as a member of the original band TVXQ and JYP, a pop band of boys. His popularity is not restricted to the South Korea because the sphere of his career and talents has extended up to China and Japan as well. He is known by different names in different regions. Starting with a tough personal life with no as such financial support, Kim Jae Joong has turned out to be an asset for South Korea. This man is known mostly for the incredible voice he has along with a charming personality to catch the attention of the audiences.


2. Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong-hwa

What else one needs when you have a personality and cuteness like Jung Yong-hwa. His name has been written and given different twists and turns and yet survived to be Jung Yong-hwa and clutched position 2 of this contest. This multitalented boy is an actor, musician, song-writer, producer and actor. He made his debut of his glowing career in 2009 by the character of ‘Kang Shin-woo’ in a drama named “You are Beautiful” and then moving on forward he acted in as ‘Lee Shin’ in a drama “HeartStrings” in 2011. Besides acting Jung Yong-hwa is the leader and main vocalist of the band CNBLUE.


1. Lee Dong-hae

Lee Dong-hae

Grabbing the No. 1 position, this man is definitely an idol of the South Korean males with a huge female fan following falling for him for his personality, looks and talent. A complete blend of the all the characters every single person would want to have. He is an actor, singer and songwriter and also a member of the dance group SM-The Performance.

He is also one of those people who first appeared on the Chinese postage stamps. Being member of the ‘boy band super junior’ and ‘Donghae and Eunhyuk’ added to the popularity and fame of lee. Wanted to be a singer but later came out to be an excellent actor, singer and a dancer also. This man is having a well-deserved place in the chart right now.

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