10 Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Halloween 2015

Halloween is coming up and it is an absolute need of time that the costume gets decided and finalized. For those who like to save the effort and go buy themselves a cardboard box at the eleventh hours, well may God be with you! But for those who really celebrate Halloween in the true spirit, clock is ticking. With the increase in number of costume stores, every costume is seen on every other person however it is the customization that makes it stand out from the rest of crowd. Zombies have been a subject of interest for many. Every year Halloween witnesses number of zombie mobs. But this time you can get the cutting edge contemporary costume by bringing a twist in your zombie costume. These will bring in some major screams because nearly 10% of American society has Kinemortophobia (fear of zombies). So here is a list of 10 Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Halloween 2015 to help you decide your style.


10. Workplace Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 -

We know that you don’t want to think of workplace on your day off but don’t forget that your workplace defines you in many ways. So this Halloween, take out the clothes you wore to your worst day at job (probably they would be those when your boss had the best day), smear them in blood and some goo! Wear the scariest zombie makeup and probably go and egg your boss’ house!


9. Warm Bodies Boney’s

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Warm Bodies Boney's

Zombies from Warm Bodies are pretty common. Probably there will be a dozen from your own neighborhood. However the twist would be to select the Boneys. It might be a little difficult to work the outfit but careful look at the pictures will get you there. Boneys are all black, even the blood on them is really really dark. They are basically skeletons.


8. Cowboy Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Cowboy Zombie

Cowboys are cute and handsome and you might want to be cowboy on this Halloween. But remember this is the night of undead, the night of screams and frightening shivers and a tall, dark and a handsome cowboy doesn’t give that. So why don’t you become a zombie cowboy and hunt for brains. An old cowboy suit will do the trick. Obviously you will be needing makeup, fake blood and probably lenses.


7. Super Hero Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 -  Super Hero Zombie

No one can really save the world once all the undead decide to walk it. So being a superhero renders you pretty useless on Halloween. However you can be a zombie superhero who saves people from other zombies, only so that he can have enough fresh brains when he needs. You can also save other zombies from head shots and well earn few mourning applause. Whatever your story maybe, it is probably the right time to put that embarrassing outer underpants superhero costume to use!


6. Santa Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 -  Santa Zombie

Kids love Santa! They cuddle with him, put cookies out for him and all the lovey dovey stuff. But guess what it is not Christmas it is Halloween. So the Santa needs to become his evil self, well not exactly evil probably disease stricken self and become a zombie. Be a nice Santa with a gift bag on your back and when kids come near scare the heck out of them with zombie makeup, blood and hunger for brains.


5. President Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - President Zombie

Love him or hate him, he is the president. So if you love him honor him or if you hate him then take revenge, but either way president zombie is the one to take the lead of all other zombie mob. You might first need to match your look with the president and then tease it with zombie makeup.


4. Zombie Kids

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Zombie Kids

Enough of rabbits and bunnies on Halloween. Kids can be cute the whole year but why do you have to ruin Halloween with cuteness? So this Halloween you can have zombie kids. A cranky kid can be really scarier than the zombies but oh well you might want to tone down that terror. Zombie costumes with detailed makeup can really make your kid outshine the lot.


3. Red Riding Hood Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Red Riding Hood Zombie

Red riding hood went to the grandma only to see the scary wolf. Since the story is too old, there has been many changes in the meadows that once red riding hood crossed. Now they are filled up with infected zombies and one of them bit the red riding hood. So now when she reaches grandma, it will be a nightmare for the wolf! Well the story might be lacking some details but your costume should not. If you like spending your Halloween and grandmas then oh well could you think of anything better? The hood of red riding hood is perfect for disguising yourself as naive girl and then attacking on people for brains.


2. Disney Princess Zombie

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Disney Princess Zombie

There will be many Elsa, Cinderellas and aerials as usual on this Halloween. You might also have such a costume in your closet. No need to buy a new one. You can easily modify and upgrade the old one. Disney princess meets many challenges in her life. Maybe this is the one she couldn’t win her way through. So be elegant and be a princess but every once in awhile treat yourself by munching on brains. You can also keep a brain made out of noodles to add a detail to your look.


1. Zombie Bride And Groom

Best Zombie Costume Ideas 2015 - Zombie Bride And Groom

Couple costumes have been in for quite a long time. Celebrities compliment each others costumes very oftenly. You can do that too. Zombie bride and groom can have a brains filled honeymoon together on this Halloween. Don’t be stupid enough to use your actual wedding dress as it would be a crime of century. But you can use any other dress or buy zombie bride and groom costume. More than the dress itself, it is the makeup and attitude that will make a difference so you might want to spend more time on that. The blood on white dress and the white dress shirt will be very eye catching. You can share the brains since you are sharing the life.

There are many other options for zombie costumes. Good undead makeup is what you require to really nail any zombie costume. So go on and choose from the list of Best zombie costume ideas and live the spirit of undead like never before.

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